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Tenants Insurance


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As a tenant, you may not own the home you live in but you still need to make sure your personal possessions inside it are protected.

Tenants Insurance, also known as Renters Insurance, is a form of contents insurance specifically for those who live in rented properties.

There is no legal requirement to have Tenants Insurance but it can help protect your own personal possessions, as well as the items provided within the home by your landlord. Making sure these are covered means you will not be left counting the cost in the event of accidental damage, fire, theft or flood.

While your landlord will almost certainly have buildings insurance, this will not cover items inside the property unless this is expressly stated in your tenancy agreement.

At Country Properties, our team of property experts can help you to find the right kind of Tenants Insurance for your specific circumstances. Whether you are already in a rented property or are about to move in, we can help you find the cover you need.

There are two main types of Tenants Insurance:

  1. Tenants Contents Insurance protects your own personal possessions in case of accidental damage or other risks.
  2. Tenants Liability Insurance protects you in the event of accidental damage to any items provided by your landlord.

Should I get Tenants Contents Insurance?

In most cases, landlords are not liable to insure your personal items within their property. As the tenant, it is up to you to decide whether you want to protect your personal possessions. But if something does happen, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you will be covered. Tenants Contents Insurance can cover items such as clothing, jewellery, soft furnishings, mobile phones, electrical equipment, furniture and bicycles.

Should I get Tenants Liability Insurance?

Tenants Liability Insurance covers items within the rented property that have been provided by the landlord and includes fixtures and fittings, furniture, white goods and soft furnishings. This type of insurance can help to protect any damage deposit you pay upon moving into a rental property. It also means that in the case of accidental damage, fire, flood or theft, you will be covered for the repair or replacement costs. This type of insurance does not replace your security deposit but helps to reduce the risk of deductions from it. It helps you to receive as much of your deposit back as possible at the end of your tenancy agreement.

The good news is there are insurance policies available that can cover you for both Tenants Contents and Tenants Liability Insurance under one hard-working policy. These policies usually cover you, your partner, children and up to two sharers. It will cover you if a certain insured event such as theft, fire, flood or a leak occurs.

Many policies also give you a list of optional add-ons which can extend certain aspects of your contents cover.

Tenants Insurance can help you enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your own possessions and those provided by your landlord are covered and protected.

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