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If you’re searching for a rental in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire, we can find the ideal match. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary town-centre flat or a quiet, comfortable family residence, a singles pad or a country retreat, come to the experts.

Our Guide for Tenants

For first-time tenants, the rental market can be overwhelming and even if you’re used to renting, it can be hard to keep up with all the changes in rights and responsibilities. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide.

Holding Deposits Explained

A holding deposit is up to 1 week’s rent paid to secure a property before a tenancy is agreed. If the tenancy is not granted, the deposit will be refunded. Learn more about holding deposits.

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As a tenant, you have the choice of two different types of policy. One is called Tenancy Liability and the other is Tenants Contents.

The liability policy covers you only for the property of the landlord. If any of the contents your landlord has provided should be accidentally damaged, destroyed or lost and you are found to be responsible, then this policy is designed to meet the landlord’s compensation claim.

The contents policy gives you the same protection for your own belongings as homeowners’ insurance. You will be covered for damage or loss caused by accident, fire, theft or any other specific insured risk.

You can choose either policy or take out both together.

See what a typical
tenancy agreement looks like

Most private rental contracts are based on a standard template that covers the rights, responsibilities and limitations provided for by law as well as those established by common practice. However, in most tenancy agreements, this template will be customised to suit the specific requirements of the landlord, the particular nature of the property and any other unique considerations. It is essential you understand everything you are agreeing to before you sign. Read through this sample to familiarise yourself with what you can expect.

The Right to Rent in the UK

The Immigration Act 2014 imposed a new obligation on landlords, effective from 1 February 2016, to verify that anyone applying for a tenancy has the right to live in the UK. Landlords and their agents are required to obtain proof of your status and the Act specifies various pieces of documentation which are acceptable. These include a UK passport, a certificate granting permanent residence or other recognised status and a certificate of naturalisation as a British citizen. For more information click here…

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