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Sellers Guide


Need help? Ready to sell your property?

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We are part of a national network of estate agents, allowing us a considerable reach across London and the South East. This makes us ideally placed to find a buyer for your home or investment property.

How to sell

We can work on the following basis:

Multiple agency – multiple agencies market the property but only the one that sells it receives commission.
Sole agency – we have exclusive right to sell your property during the stipulated period, but you only need to pay commission should we find a buyer.

Process of selling a house

The process of selling a house involves five key steps and we can advise at any step of the way:

  1. Prepare to sell – Check finances, undertake essential repairs or improvements, ensure you have all necessary paperwork.
  2. Market property – determine valuation, appoint estate agent(s) and provide them with the required information.
  3. Property for sale – your property will be viewed by potential buyers and a solicitor selected to handle the legal elements.
  4. Receive offer(s) – negotiate with potential buyers and accept an offer.
  5. Property sold – subject to contract and all legal necessities.

Value my house

Our website provides access to a basic valuation tool, which allows you to gain access to a property report which includes the estimated value. However, to obtain a more comprehensive valuation, we recommend booking an appointment with a specialist advisor.

Preparing my house for sale

Your house must be presented in its best light to make it appealing to buyers. It must be clean and tidy inside and out with no clutter and minimal personal effects. A buyer wants to be able to picture themselves living in the property.

Ensure that all jobs are complete and undertake essential repairs. Ensure all lighting works and keep the garden tidy with the lawn mown. Ensure that your property has an up to date Energy Performance Certificate.

It is critical that your kitchen and bathroom are clean and fully functioning. Ensure every room has a purpose, for example, bedrooms should contain bedroom furniture. Make sure curtains or blinds are wide open to let the light flood in.

Marketing your property

Your property will be marketed throughout our network, in our branches and online. Should you wish, we will also erect a For Sale board outside your property.

Cost of selling your house

We charge a commission from the sale of your property. Further information can be provided upon request.

How long to sell a house?

There is no average time period and many factors will determine how long it will take to sell your house. When we provide a valuation, we can advise as to the timescales in which similar properties have sold, but this is not a guarantee for your property.

Sold? What happens next?

When an offer is received, we will notify you and advise on the likelihood of the offer proceeding. Once an offer is accepted, we will prepare the necessary paperwork. We will keep you informed throughout, liaising with both you and with the buyer’s solicitor to keep the process running as smoothly as possible.

Need help? Ready to sell your property?

Share your details with us and one of our team will be in touch to assist you.