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Landlords Guide


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Discover the Secrets to Thriving as a Landlord in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

Unlock Your Path to Success as a Landlord

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Expert Advice Tailored for Landlords

Our comprehensive guide dives deep into the essential procedures and responsibilities that every landlord must adhere to. Gain invaluable insights and access helpful links to legislative documents, making the entire process easier to navigate. Here, we present a condensed overview of the key points.

Preparations Before You Let

Navigating Consents & Tax Obligations

If you currently have a standard owner-occupier mortgage on your property, obtaining consent from your lender and insurer is crucial before letting it out. However, if you possess a buy-to-let mortgage, you can skip this step. Even if you fully own your property, it’s still wise to seek consent from your insurer. Additionally, be aware that rental income affects your tax status, so ensure you grasp your tax responsibilities.

Accreditation & Licenses for Landlords

Elevate your professionalism and showcase your dedication to meeting the highest standards by joining a landlord accreditation scheme. Enjoy the benefits of ongoing support while impressing prospective tenants. If you plan to let your property as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), securing a license from the local authority is likely a requirement.

Preparing Your Property

Prioritise Safety and Compliance

Ensuring the safety and well-being of your tenants is paramount. As a landlord, you must provide a valid gas safety certificate, conduct thorough tests on all electrical installations and portable devices, and obtain an Energy Performance Certificate with a minimum rating of E. Mandatory smoke and carbon monoxide alarms must be installed. Furnishings should comply with fire regulations, and all health and safety risks must be eliminated. Additionally, assess the water supply for any Legionella-related risks.

The Letting Process Made Easy

Crafting the Tenancy Agreement

Opt for the government’s model tenancy agreement or seek legal advice when drafting your own. Key decisions include determining the duration of the initial tenancy and clarifying responsibilities for utilities and council tax. Certain legal obligations cannot be excluded from the agreement.

Thorough Personal Checks

Safeguard Your Investment

Conduct thorough background checks on prospective tenants, verifying their references, age, and identity. Consider performing credit checks to ensure financial stability. Moreover, it is a legal obligation to confirm the tenant’s right to rent in the UK. In certain circumstances, requesting a guarantor for rent payments may be advisable.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Ensure a Smooth Tenancy Experience

To protect both you and your tenant, it’s crucial to create a detailed inventory report at the beginning of the tenancy, reaching a mutual agreement. Conducting a check-out inventory at the end of the tenancy is equally important. Regular interim inspections, preferably every six months, help maintain transparency and address any emerging issues promptly.

Your Duties as a Landlord

Maintaining Your Property

Stay proactive in property maintenance and promptly address any reported problems. Provide clear instructions on the safe usage of appliances, including the boiler. Consider safeguarding your investment with landlord’s insurance. Remember, the tenant’s security deposit must be securely held within a protected scheme and cannot be used in place of rent.

Navigating the Tenancy Conclusion

The tenancy will end on the specified date, but if mutually agreed upon, it can be converted into a rolling tenancy. In such cases, the landlord must provide two months’ notice, while the tenant needs to give one month’s notice.
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Need help? Ready to sell your property?

Share your details with us and one of our team will be in touch to assist you.