5 top tips to a stress-free Christmas Day

Not long now until the big day, all the family getting ready to arrive at your house for an amazing Christmas meal, festive games, Christmas hits blaring, lots of laughs and cheesy cracker jokes. But we all know how stressful it can be preparing for the day and playing the perfect host, so here are 5 Top Tips to a stress-free Christmas Day.


1) Prepare your food in advance
Instead of rushing around on the big day, preparing your food on Christmas Eve can be a big stress reliever as long as you have a few Tupperware tubs you’re all set. Pre-boil your broccoli, roast your parsnips, pre-make your mash and stuffing and don’t forget to defrost the turkey.


2) Christmas Games
For the families that like to get the games out after dinner it might be good to list the games you want to play and have them to hand and for charades have some slips written out with suggestions.


3) Are all the presents wrapped?
There would be nothing more stressful than waking up Christmas morning and realising you still needed to wrap some presents. While all your food is being pre-prepared in the oven, take the time to finish up those stocking fillers.


4) Have the rubbish bags at the ready
There is always that one family member at the ready with a bin bag for all the wrapping paper and envelopes to go into, so its always good to have these in. Why not try getting the biodegradable bags to help the environment and recycle what you can of the paper, card & cardboard.


5) Most importantly, make sure you enjoy yourself
No matter what happens on the day, even if your plans don’t quite go how you intend, don’t worry, just have a great day and enjoy yourself.