We Love Kimpton

1st August 2019 posted in PROPERTY NEWS

It is perfectly natural for residents to say they love their area and state they wouldn’t like to live anywhere else. As estate agents, we have the privilege of knowing a range of locations very well, and there is no denying that Kimpton residents love local life, but we are pleased to say there are many strong reasons to say We Love Kimpton.
If you are looking for a new area to live in, or perhaps you would like to make more out of local life in Kimpton, here are some of the leading reasons we love Kimpton.


Community is crucial in Kimpton

There are many aspects which come together to create an area where people want to live. Facilities and transport links matter, and they can be easily defined, allowing people to develop an awareness of what is available to them. However, there are also intangible aspects that make an area worth living in, and the community in and around Kimpton is well worth checking out.

Kimpton may be a modest village, but with more than 50 clubs and organisations to choose from, this is a destination that draws people together. It is unlikely you’ll want to join every group. You wouldn’t have the time even if you had the interest, but you should be able to find something that is right for you.

For many people, the local traditions in Kimpton are vital in setting the village apart from other areas. If you have never experienced village life before, you may think that all villages are alike, with only the setting changing. This situation couldn’t be further from the truth, and there is a lot to like and love about life in Kimpton.

The May Festival is one of the endearing traditions in the local calendar. The Recreation Ground is the setting for the three-day activity, which helps to raise funds for great causes. Not only do you have the opportunity to socialise with friends, family members and residents, but you also get to give something back and support others.


The event features an art exhibition, craft market, stalls and entertainment to enjoy. With a village concert, quiz, live jazz music and plenty of local delicacies, including cream teas, there is more than enough reasons to adore the May festival in Kimpton.

The Kimpton Horse Show is another major annual event that draws attention and provides a fantastic day out. Activities include showing of horses, show jumping activities, gymkhana events and a whole lot more besides. 

Schooling is important when you want to love a local area

If you’re looking for tangible reasons to love Kimpton, the schools are of tremendous interest. Whether you have children now or you are planning on having a family, knowing the local schooling options is essential. Even if you don’t have kids, owning property in an area where there are highly regarded schools will be of benefit for the value of the property.

You have nothing to worry about with Kimpton. There is a well-regarded primary school in the village, and there is a nursery attached. In 2013, Ofsted rated the primary school as “good”, and it scores well on local review sites and social media.


There is a tremendous sense of history with Kimpton Primary School, which dates back to 1843. The building and educational facilities have been updated and improved since then, but the school provides a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. With more than 150 pupils attending the school, your child will be in good company if you send them to this much-loved village school.


Get around Kimpton with ease

While a strong point of local life is enjoying your immediate environment, it is good to know you can get in, out and around your surroundings with ease. If you rely on public transport, you still have many options to travel to and from Kimpton, so whenever you want to expand your horizons, you can do so with ease.

There is a bus service connecting you with Hitchin and St Albans and if you want to travel further afield services also run to Stevenage and Luton. There is a train station in Harpenden, with a service every 30 minutes into London. If you have a car, London is around 45 minutes’ drive from Kimpton, and both the A1(M) and the M1 motorways are less than nine miles from Kimpton.

With the village post office and shop and you won’t go short of everyday items and necessities. However, if you do need something a bit out of the ordinary, there is an extensive range of large shopping centres and High Street brands within easy reach. Harpenden, Luton, St Albans, Hitchin and Watford are all within half an hour's travelling time, so Kimpton provides you with an excellent base, even if you love to shop!


The emergence of the internet has made it easier to shop and communicate with people all over the world. This means that you don’t need everything on your doorstep anymore. However, there are certain things you need to see close to home, and Kimpton has them in abundance.

You have the chance to immerse yourself in a local community and culture, knowing that for essential aspects like travel and education, you are well covered. It is easy to see why so many people love Kimpton, and we hope you do too.