Tips To Improve Your Royston Garden Shed

8th July 2020 posted in SELLERS BUYERS TENANTS

With many people spending a lot more time in their garden in recent months, you will probably spend more time thinking about this space. If you have a garden shed, it often becomes a place where you store items that you can’t find room for inside your house!

However, with the garden being a central hub of life at the moment, you will likely want to improve the utility of your garden shed. At Country Properties, we are pleased to say we have assisted many Royston homeowners improve various parts of their property, and if you want to enhance your garden shed, please follow these tips.

Start with a clear-out

If you plan on selling your home, we recommend starting with a declutter and cleaning process. The same can be said for your garden shed. If you have a lot of items in the shed, take everything out and let yourself see how much space you have.

You will also be able to evaluate your items, and if there are things you don’t use or need, you should remove them from your property. This will allow you to make more space, and it ensures you only retain items which are of value. Therefore, take the opportunity to test your equipment. If you have items that don’t work, you should consider replacing or repairing them.

On the wall storage creates more space

If you are looking to maximise the space you have in your shed, regardless of the size of the shed, you should consider adding on the wall storage. Shelves or sturdy hooks ensure you can store items safely and effectively while removing items from the floor or surfaces.

You should also consider adding hooks to the back of the shed door, as this will provide you with additional storage space. Depending on the storage option you choose, and how robust your shed is, you can even store bicycles or lawnmowers to the wall of your shed, creating a lot more space.

Vlatka Lake is the marketing Manager at Space Station, and she spoke about ways you can utilise your shed better: “The lockdown has allowed most of us to spend more time in our homes and gardens, and with many of us dedicating time to sorting and organising our homes and gardens, our sheds can become a little neglected. Rather than your shed becoming cluttered with old paint, tools or bits and bobs, we hope our tips help you in organising your shed space so it becomes more of a haven than a disaster zone.”

With a little bit of love and attention, you can maximise the space you enjoy in your shed, helping you to maximise your return from it.

In line with Government guidelines, our Royston branch has reopened and is again staffed with sales and lettings personnel.  If you have any queries or need advice on property sales and lettings then please call 01763 245121 or email