Space remains top priority for 2020

29th January 2020 posted in BUYERS

If you plan on selling your home this year, it is helpful to know what buyers are looking for. As local property market specialists, we are pleased to say we have developed a close relationship with vendors in Hitchin, and we know what these buyers are looking for. However, we also stay in touch with market research, and a recent study provides insight into what house buyers are looking for.

The survey was carried out by Market Financial Solutions. It will come as no surprise to learn that the square footage of the property came out on top of things buyers look for. 90% of respondents said this was “important” or “very important” when looking at a property. If you have space, you can create space, or you can at least make your home feel more spacious, you increase your chances of attracting buyers to your property.


Outdoor space is also important for buyers

The next most crucial aspect cited by property buyers was a garden or an outdoor space. This was listed by 89% of property buyers, coming a close second to space. If you live in a flat where there isn’t a garden, you may feel this limits your chances of connecting with buyers, but any outdoor communal space is welcome.

Also, if there is a nearby park or outdoor area, it is worth highlighting when selling your property. No one would try to claim a local park had the same appeal and benefit as a private garden, but selling your home is often about maximising what you have at your disposal.

Buyers are also interested in the quality and finish of the property. 88% of respondents listed this feature, and it is something you can positively affect. If the finish of your home has seen better days or it needs to be refreshed, make sure you attend to this before listing your property.


Location remains an important factor for buyers

The next feature, which was listed by 87% of respondents, was the distance to the nearest city or town. There isn’t much a homeowner can do about this, but it is helpful to have this information available if a buyer asks this question. The buyer may not be local, which means they don’t instinctively know where everything is, or how well-connected towns and cities are.

Also, if there are reputable transport options or good quality roads which make travelling between the property and nearby towns and cities simple, make sure to mention this.

The fifth most popular aspect named by buyers is the availability of a garage or off-street parking. Security and convenience are crucial, and it is easy to see why 86% of buyers hold an interest in keeping their car safe.

Other features buyers consider when looking at a property include:

  • How built-up a local area is
  • The availability of transport
  • The standard of broadband and mobile connectivity
  • Whether the property is terraced, semi-detached or detached
  • Local bars, restaurants, shops and cafes
  • The availability of local schools
  • The age of the property
  • The potential for extension and conversion work at the property

If you plan on selling your home in 2020, we can help you connect with willing buyers. We can provide you with a property valuation, and we will ensure your home appeals to the most likely buyers. To find out how we can assist you in the sales process, contact Country Properties Hitchin today.

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