The Qualities Of Royston Buyers Need To Know

8th September 2020 posted in BUYERS

With many people taking the time to reassess what is important to them, it is no surprise that what buyers want in the housing market is evolving. At Country Properties Royston, we are working hard to connect with as many buyers and vendors in the local community as we can. By finding out what you are looking for, we are in a better position to assist you.

However, we will also look at what is happening at a national level. There has been a lot of surveys and studies of late, looking at what buyers want. A recent study undertaken by a leading housebuilder in the UK has raised some interesting points.

Royston has a lot to offer

We also believe the features buyers are looking for can be found right here in Royston, making this a suitable area for many would-be buyers.

The study undertaken by Redrow revealed a top ten of features buyers are looking for when they purchase a new home. The top ten is as follows:

·        A park or village green with open spaces cited by 35% of respondents

·        Access to smaller shops such as grocers, baker and a Post office said by 33%

·        Having a Doctor’s Surgery nearby was listed by 32% of respondents

·        31% of respondents requested bus and train routes nearby

·        The importance of a large supermarket close-by was cited by 28% of respondents

·        17% of people who answered stated they wanted local cafes and restaurants

·        A pharmacy was listed by 15% of respondents

·        Good schools were only listed by 14% of respondents

·        Pubs and bars were named by 14% of respondents

·        Only 11% of respondents cited the importance of a hospital close-by

The importance of community for local buyers is essential, and we believe Royston offers a sense of home and belonging for buyers. If you would like to learn more about the key community features on offer in Royston, please contact us.

Home improvements have also shaped what buyers are looking for

Another key feature of life in recent months is home improvements, and we think many households have made changes to their property. This has created more diversity in the housing market, and it might have changed what buyers expect to see in a home.

The Redrow survey indicates 38% of respondents carried out home improvements during the lockdown. However, close to 50% of respondents who carried out home improvement work said they were only “somewhat satisfied” with the outcomes.

Other key findings from the survey are as follows:

·        For homeowners who spent between one and three months on the project, this number rose to 48%.

·        Close to 40% of respondents complained they had spent more than they planned to on their most recent renovation project.

·        63% of respondents who spent just one day on a refurbishment project said they would be happy to do so again.

·        38% of respondents who spent more than six months on a refurbishment or renovation project would be likely to do the same again.

If you would like to discuss the Royston housing market, or you need guidance in selling your home, please get in touch. We are more than happy to arrange a property valuation for you if required, so get in touch today.

In line with Government guidelines, our Royston branch has reopened and is again staffed with sales and lettings personnel.  If you have any queries or need advice on property sales and lettings then please call 01763 245121 or email