Manage The Stress Of Moving Home

28th October 2020 posted in SELLERS BUYERS TENANTS

With the stamp duty holiday in place until the end of March 2021, there is an element of stress associated with concluding property deals in time. However, selling your home can be a stressful time in general.

At Country Properties, we are pleased to say we have assisted many people move in, out and around Biggleswade. We work hard to minimise the stress of moving home, and we offer a range of serviced aimed at streamlining the process.

However, we appreciate the sums of money involved and the emotional impact of moving home affects many people. This has been confirmed by studies carried out by one of the leading property portals in the UK.

Many people find moving home to be an emotional and stressful activity

A survey undertaken by Zoopla, which was answered by more than 2,600 buyers, suggests many buyers find the property purchase an emotional and stressful activity.

62% of respondents said they found previous property moves more stressful than they had expected.

The property chain is often problematic when moving home

One of the biggest challenges in moving home is the property chain. 18% of respondents said they lost or came close to losing their property purchase because of issues with the chain. Only 11% of respondents said the buying process, when involved with a chain, ran smoothly.

34% of respondents aimed to develop a personal connection with the buyers. This step was taken to enhance the chances of the move running smoothly.

Financial issues are problematic in property deals

Close to 40% of respondents said their most recent property move cost more than they had originally budgeted for. 29% of respondents cited additional costs which caused them difficulties during the move. Some of the additional costs listed were conveyancers and surveyors.

44% of respondents said unexpected costs added more than £500 to the cost of their house move. 30% of respondents said they paid more than an extra £1,000 when moving and 15% of house movers said they had to shell out over £1,500.

Buyers regret is real

When it comes to checking specific details about a property, 46% of respondents said they wished they checked the property more vigorously before making an offer. 16% of respondents said they wished they had spoken with a neighbour before agreeing to buy the property.

15% of respondents said they wished to review the strength of mobile phone signal and broadband speed.

Staging your home is important

When it comes to vendors regret, 53% of homeowners said they believed they’d have sold their home for a higher price if they staged their home. However, 31% of respondents said they didn’t have the budget to afford to improve their home at this time.

The importance of staging property was reiterated by 84% of respondents who said this activity is worthwhile.

Tom Parker is the Consumer Spokesperson at Zoopla and he said; “Moving home is one of the biggest investments we will ever make so it’s only natural the process inspires a wide range of emotions. Finding that balance between head and heart can often be the most difficult, and this is where agents have a crucial role to play in supporting home movers in their property journey. Agents will have experienced this process hundreds of times so can help not only with finding the right property but also making the purchasing or selling experience as seamless as possible.”

In line with Government guidelines, our Biggleswade branch has reopened and is again staffed with sales and lettings personnel.  If you have any queries or need advice on property sales and lettings then please call 01767 317799 or email