Information is vital in the sales process: Offer local insight

17th April 2019 posted in SELLERS

Buying a home is likely to be the biggest purchase the buyer makes in their life. Therefore, they are going to want as much information about potential homes and prospective purchases as possible. Vendors and estate agents are in a great position to provide relevant information and by offering local insight, it is possible to positively impact on the sales process.

Most buyers will carry out research

It is not unreasonable to assume that most buyers will carry out a level of local research before showing an interest in homes in an area. If a buyer is keen to place their child or children into a great school, it makes sense they would review school catchment areas and school reviews.

If a buyer was keen to find a home that was suitable for their commute to and from work every day, it would be sensible for them to review local transport roads and main roads before they decide an area is going to be suitable for their needs.

This is information that can be easily found online. This is great for buyers and it also provides you with a helping hand, because this information is readily available. Either a buyer will find it of their own accord or the people involved in the sales process can direct prospective buyers to the relevant information online.

However, this information is just the starting point in the process for buyers. A savvy buyer will want more information than the standard information that is regurgitated online, and this is where motivated vendors and experienced local estate agents have a role to play in persuading a buyer to purchase a property.

Local knowledge helps buyers make a decision

Local knowledge is essential and it helps a buyer to feel confident about the home they are looking to buy. No matter the condition of your home, if a buyer doesn’t feel as though they can settle in your local area or that there aren’t enough facilities and amenities on offer for them, they will be unlikely to progress an interest in the property.

It is therefore down to the vendor and agent to make a compelling case for the local area. When you sell your home, you also need to sell your local area, and this is a major part of the sales process. If there are great shops and restaurants that add to the area and develop a community spirit, make sure prospective buyers are aware of these features.

Provide information that goes beyond online reports

When it comes to schools, you don’t need to reiterate Ofsted reports and scores but if there are extra-curricular classes that help children or there are after-school groups that positively impact on the local community and pupils, make sure prospective buyers are informed of these features. Education is important but schools also have a role to play in developing children, channelling their energy and fostering interests and sometimes it is the additional classes that are the key feature of a school, not just the standard of education.

With the uncertainty in the property market, it is easy to see why buyers want to make an informed decision when buying property. There is no such thing as a purchase without risk, but estate agents and vendors can help to minimise the risk a buyer feels, and the most effective way to achieve this is through providing local information that impacts on people in the community.

If you are looking to sell your home and you want to make sure you offer local information and knowledge that impacts on buyers, choose Country Properties. We are local property market specialists and our estate agents know your area, which means we can help sell your home, so get in touch.