Images, floorplans and proactive marketing - all crucial in selling property

8th May 2019 posted in SELLERS

Selling your home can be a challenging process, and this is because rather than an enormous singular task, it is a collection of many small jobs. You may not have to complete every task to sell your house, but the more stages you complete effectively, the more likely it is you will sell your home. At Country Properties, we believe you need to provide buyers with as much guidance and information as you can.

Therefore, images, floorplans and proactive marketing are all crucial elements when selling a property.


Images attract buyers to listings

Numerous studies highlight the importance of high-quality quality images in a property listing. When you consider a prospective buyer has a lot of properties to look at, it is understandable that they will scroll through their options. You need to ensure that people stop and look at your listing, and great images are crucial.

For best results, hire a professional photographer. State-of-the-art smartphone technology provides people with a good camera in their pocket, but a great image requires more than a good-quality camera. A professional photographer knows how to set up images; they stage shots to utilise light and evoke space. The benefits of hiring a professional photographer more than outweigh the cost, justifying the decision.

There is enough evidence to suggest that hiring a professional photographer leads to faster sales and higher prices, so this is an aspect you need to consider.

Show videos of your home

While images are crucial, video content is becoming increasingly vital in presenting a house. People want to see video online, and with video footage, it becomes much more comfortable for buyers to get a feel for what your home has to offer.

Creating video walkthroughs of your home generates interest, and it can also minimise time-wasters. Even though video walk-through footage may reduce the number of buyers, who arrange a viewing of your home, the people that do come to see your house are more likely to hold a genuine interest. This outcome means you waste less of your time on people who won't make an offer, hopefully streamlining the process.


Floorplans are beneficial for buyers

In the same way that video content helps buyers develop an understanding of the property, floor plans are helpful. With a map of the house containing detailed measurements, prospective buyers can ensure the home is sufficient for their needs.

Some buyers may decide that your home doesn’t meet their needs, reducing the volume of interest in the property. However, it should ensure that those who arrange a viewing hold a genuine interest. Floor plans provide vital information that buyers need to know, and by offering this information, buyers will appreciate your efforts.

Be proactive when it comes to marketing

Even though most buyers begin their search process on a property portal, sales can come about in many ways. Promote your property on social media, email or message friends and family members, and take additional steps to ensure more people see your house.

Your estate agent will help you promote your house, but there is nothing wrong with being proactive in promoting your home.


When it comes to making a move in the property market, contact Country Properties, and we will do what we can to help you promote and sell your house. Find your local Country Properties branch HERE!