Houseplants will freshen up any home

9th July 2019 posted in PROPERTY NEWS

Whether you intend on selling or letting your home soon, or you want to have a home you feel proud of, there is a lot you can do to make the house feel fresh and welcoming. Adding plants add vibrancy and a sense of life to your home.

Of course, some people say they have no time to care for plants, or that they haven’t had much luck in caring for plants. Don’t worry. There is an excellent selection of houseplants that don’t need much tending, and they can revitalise your home overnight. At Country Properties Hitchin, we know many people want to bring the outdoor freshness inside their home, and we are here to help.


A cactus plant is an ideal addition to your house

If you’re looking for a houseplant that doesn’t need much care and attention, you can’t go wrong with a cactus plant. After all, these plants exist in the desert, and no matter the size or condition of your property, it is likely to be more welcoming than the desert! There is a fantastic selection of cacti to choose from, in all shapes and sizes, so no matter the impression you wish to create at home, this is likely to be a fantastic addition.

Aloe Vera may be the houseplant that keeps your home fresh

Whether you want a home that is cool and trendy or a home that is cool and fresh, an aloe vera plant is a smart choice. While you may be more familiar with aloe vera for its healing qualities, it is a beautiful plant. Just as importantly, you don’t need to have green fingers to ensure this plant remains in excellent condition. You’ll also find that this plant gets the conversation started with guests.


An avocado plant may be for you

Avocado may be the must-have item on your breakfast plate or in your lunchtime wrap these days, but an avocado plant is likely to take centre stage of your home. All you need to get started with an avocado plant is the pit, some water and a bit of patience. This isn’t a plant that is going to sprout into life in days, but if you’re willing to nurture it along, you’ll find the avocado is an excellent choice to add to your home.

Try something different with a rubber plant

Sadly, a rubber plant won’t bounce too well if you drop it on to the floor. It will make a mess, which no one wants in their home. However, if you’re looking for something a bit different, a rubber plant is a fantastic plant to consider. In low light, rubber plants look as green as most plants, but when you place this style of plant in a part of your home that benefits from a lot of light, you’ll see the leaves look a rich burgundy. For a plant that grabs attention and makes people look twice, it is hard to argue with the qualities of a rubber plant.


At Country Properties Hitchin, we want you to love your home at all times. If you’re selling or letting your home, we want to make sure prospective buyers love it too. If you need assistance in selling or letting, contact Country Properties Hitchin, and we’ll be happy to help.