Home Schooling Tips


If you are a parent who is working from home while also looking after children, you know this is a thankless task. Even if you aren’t working from home, making sure children are entertained, occupied, and learning is a massive task in its own right.

At Country Properties, we want to support the local community as best we can during these times. This is why we are pleased to offer home-schooling tips.

Devise a schedule

No matter what activities you plan to focus on during the day, many children benefit from having a schedule which lets them know what to expect. Also, this can be used in your favour to generate attention and interest.

By placing topics or lessons that you know your child will be interested in after a more mundane area of learning, you offer them an incentive to get through the most challenging part.

Start the day with a meeting

Talking about the day, the weather, and what you have been doing away from an educational setting is a great way to ease into the day. This is a process utilised in many classrooms across the country, and by going over what has happened away from an educational focus, it creates a platform for a period of studying or leaning.

Try to devise a behaviour management plan

You must accept this is a challenging time for children as well as adults, perhaps even more so. It is not unreasonable that there will be times children are tired, miss the old routine or act up. However, you should consider creating an incentivised behavioural plan to try and encourage better behaviour from your children.

Show, don’t tell

If you show children what you expect from them, there is a higher chance they will understand you, and be able to replicate this themselves. This may challenge you and cause you to learn things you don’t know or have forgotten, but doing so will assist your child in learning.

Try to rely on a network of friends, teachers or social media

If you are also working from home, or you don’t know what to do, don’t be shy in asking for help. Many other people will be in the same boat. It may be other parents you know have ideas you can copy, or you may be able to connect with the teachers, who can offer guidance.

You should also check out Twitter and Facebook to see if there is support on offer in devising lessons and keeping kids entertained.

Take breaks and ensure children are fed and watered

By making sure children are hydrated and well-fed, you will help them be more productive. Also, taking breaks is allowed and often recommended. Whether your child has performed well and deserves a treat or is tiring or not been at their best, a rest and a break from the learning process can be a proper use of time.

Ask your children how they are doing

As already stated, this is a difficult time for everyone, including your children. Being taken out of their routine, and separated from friends can be traumatic. Therefore, it is essential to ask your children how they are feeling and try to comfort them if required.

Look after yourself

You will likely feel stressed, so you should go easy on yourself too. Most parents aren’t home-schooling, they are trying to help kids learn while they are also working from home. The reality is a very different process than how people think home-schooling should work.

Therefore, if you aren’t having a great day, don’t get down on yourself; and remember there is another chance tomorrow to do better.

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