A Sellers Market And Quick Decisions – Need Help In Housing Market?

16th August 2021 posted in SELLERS

With so much activity in the housing market, and a high level of demand from prospective buyers, purchasing a home can be difficult. With so much competition, vendors can afford to be choosy, and a recent study suggests that prospective buyers can make wrong choices that affect their ability to buy a home.

The study carried out by U-See Homes goes as far as to suggest that 58% of homeowners selling their home will not sell to a buyer who makes a poor first impression.

Be kind when viewing property

This means poor manners or rudeness could cost you a home, which is something that buyers need to think of when looking to enter the market.

We all know that this is a seller’s market right now, and there is clear evidence of this. The research also indicates that 70% of vendors make an instant decision as to whether a buyer was in or out of the running for their home.

Buyers need to make a good impression

This will sound harsh for some buyers, especially if they do nothing wrong. We all know at times people can take a dislike to other people for no great or real reason, but if you are scouting for your ideal home, you cannot afford to have this happen to you.

A further 22% of homeowners who are selling their home will decide within a day or two, which means that first impressions still have a huge impact on the final decision made in the housing market.

Other findings include:

·       48% of vendors saying they wouldn’t change their mind no matter how much money a prospective buyer offered over the asking price

·       A further 21% saying the buyer would have to offer at least 20% over the asking price (at the average UK house price, that is at least £51,000)

Some of the issues homeowners cite as viable reasons to turn down prospective buyers include:

·       General bad manners

·       People making negative comments about the property in front of the homeowners

·       Not removing shoes when asked to do so

·       Not wearing a face mask when asked to do so

·       While arriving early or late wasn’t deemed to be as harmful to a buyers chances as some activities, it still wasn’t overly helpful

Simon Dempsey, head of marketing for U-See Homes, comments: “As the saying goes ‘manners cost nothing’, but bad manners during the viewing process could cost you your dream home. It’s important to remember that someone’s home will often hold a hefty level of sentimental value regardless of the fact that they are selling up. So, you shouldn’t assume that they will sell to you just because you put in a good offer, or in many cases, even the highest offer.”

Simon continued by saying; “We all have our own visions and plans when moving into a new home and discussing these during the viewing process is no bad thing. It’s just important to do it with a bit of sensitivity in mind in front of the current owner.”

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