1) What is flatfair?

flatfair is the simple, safe and affordable alternative to tenancy deposits. Instead of an expensive deposit, tenants simply pay flatfair a small one-off membership fee and cover the cost of any established charges at the end of their tenancy. flatfair helps tenants and  landlords settle end of tenancy charges quickly, fairly and securely, whilst protecting everyone through Independent Dispute Resolution. flatfair achieves faster lettings, a reduction in disputes and greater recovery of residual losses.


2) What are the benefits?

Without an expensive upfront deposit, flatfair gives landlords a competitive advantage; your properties become affordable and attractive to more tenants, reducing voids. We facilitate fast resolution of charges and disputes with your tenants - in fact, you may even sell us unpaid established charges up to a total value of 12 weeks’ rent (though never more than 6 weeks’ rent arrears). If worse comes to worst, you can appoint flatfair to recover any additional sums at no cost.


3) How much does it cost?

For agents and landlords, it’s free! For tenants, flatfair charge a one-off fee equal to the value of 1 week’s rent (excl. VAT), replacing the need for a traditional expensive tenancy deposit.


4) Is flatfair safe?

Yes. flatfair is insured by an A-rated financial institution.


5) How do I join?

flatfair is an invite-only scheme for agents. Please ask your Country Properties agent to contact us at support@flatfair.co.uk


6) How do I submit end of tenancy charges?

flatfair simplifies the charging and negotiation process between you and your tenants. All you have to do is upload evidence and submit your charges directly through the flatfair online portal. It only takes a matter of minutes.


7) What's the big deal about flatfair's terms?

Cutting-edge technology enables flatfair to put you in pocket faster, leading to quicker turnover and fewer voids. By providing up front liquidity for any damages or rent arrears, we alleviate hold-ups caused by ‘frozen’ (where tenants don’t respond) or ‘withheld’ (where ongoing litigation results in delays) deposits, keeping you pocket.


8) Do I still need to register a deposit?

No. flatfair completely replaces the need for tenancy deposits, saving you time and money on deposit registration, whilst offering peace of mind.


9) When does flatfair expire?

flatfair’s security expires in line with the initial tenancy end date, or after 24 months (whichever comes first). It can be extended at any time through the flatfair portal, free of charge.


10) Does flatfair require tenants to be referenced?

Yes, all flatfair members must meet the minimum referencing criteria.