Why Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire is the ideal commuter area for London

11th June 2019 posted in PROPERTY NEWS

Working in London is one thing, but many people would prefer to live outside of the English capital. The price and value for money associated with London property is a strong reason to look elsewhere for a home, but a lot of people value a quality of life that isn’t available in the capital.

However, this doesn’t have to be a stumbling block, because there are many fantastic areas within easy reach of London, even for a daily commute we think Herts & Beds is the ideal commuter area for London.

Find a commute you are comfortable with

Everyone has their level of comfort for commuting time, but a study regularly cited for this topic was undertaken by researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Their research suggests that 45 minutes is the perfect commute time, and there are many areas in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire which meet this initial criterion.


Suitable commuter time from Hertfordshire include:

  • The journey time from Stevenage to London King’s Cross stands at 22 minutes
  • The journey time from Hitchin to London King’s Cross is at 29 minutes
  • The journey time from St. Albans to London St. Pancras stands at 16 minutes; it takes 30 minutes to travel to Blackfriars and 36 minutes to reach London Bridge
  • The journey time from Berkhamsted to London Euston is 32 minutes

Suitable commuter time from Bedfordshire include:

  • The journey time from Luton to St.Pancras stands at 24 minutes and the journey time to London Bridge is 50 minutes.
  • The journey time from Bedford to St.Pancras is 38 minutes
  • The journey time from Leighton Buzzard to London Euston is  30 minutes
  • The journey time from Biggleswade to London King’s Cross stands at 30 minutes

There are many options for commuters to consider, and one town or village is likely to appeal depending on your budget and requirements.

St. Albans is a popular option for commuters with statistics suggesting that one in five of the local population commutes to London. St. Albans boasts of excellent schools, and there is a rich sense of history and heritage in the city. While traditional streets and the cathedral grab attention, there is no denying that St. Albans has moved with the times, offering food and drink options to rival the trendiest hipster town or city.

Hitchin is another area that has a high standard of local schools while offering an initial commute that takes around 30 minutes.

Convenience is a crucial factor when choosing a home


In Bedfordshire, many people will point to Luton as being an affordable and sensible option for commuters. Many people will be quick to point out that Luton is hardly the most appealing location in Bedfordshire or Hertfordshire, but significant improvements should occur in the next two decades. Buyers looking to purchase property in a place before regeneration takes place will find Luton suitable, and of course, the fast journey time to the heart of London will appeal to many professionals.

At Country Properties, we understand the importance of finding a home that allows you to enjoy your life. Buying a home that will enable you to commute easily and enjoy your time away from work is essential, and we are here to help you, so get in touch if you want to find your ideal home that facilitates a London commute.