The Vital Checks Homebuyers And Vendors Must Know

11th February 2021 posted in BUYERS

If you plan on selling your home, it is vital that you present your house or flat in the best manner.

Therefore, it is crucial you understand what buyers look for when they view a property. Even if property viewings are slightly different these days, it is crucial you prepare for them in the correct manner.

However, there is also a suggestion that buyers are not looking at the issues which are most important when they view property.

Buyers must pay more attention when viewing a property

There was a Which? report which suggests 11% of prospective buyers don’t carry out checks when looking at a home.

More than 1,000 people were spoken to and 76% of respondents say they don’t make the checks that experts recommend as being the most important tests when viewing a prospective property.

John Lawless, from Big Bathroom Shop, explains: “Bathrooms make for the dream breeding ground for mould with perfect settings of warmth and damp air. If this collects around grouting and taps it can be easily removed with a spray cleaner. Rising damp which can look like a collection of dark fuzzy patches from the floor upwards and into the walls can be an expensive job to fix and best left to the professionals.”

Is your bathroom up to an expected standard?

Given that John’s area of work is in bathrooms, it is no surprise that he focuses on issues and checks in this part of the home.

However, there are many problems which can go wrong with toilet and bathroom areas. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure this area is up to a high standard, as this will ensure your home is of a better quality than other homes in the market.

The top ten factors that aren’t being checked in the manner they should are as follows:

1.       Bath or shower is sealed – 93%

2.       Room measurements/size – 87%

3.       Heating – 82%

4.       Toilet flush – 78%

5.       Water pressure – 76%

6.       Grout – 76%

7.       Ventilation – 71%

8.       Cracks – 66%

9.       Damp – 62%

10.   Mould – 61%

John concluded by saying; “Finding out later on that the dream house you thought you bought has many problems will leave you with a real financial headache, so spend an extra few minutes when going around the house to ask questions and make the checks needed. It’s not a big task compared to how long you will spend in your new home.”

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