To rent or to buy, which is best?

26th June 2018 posted in BUYERS TENANTS

To help clarify the choice between Renting and Buying, we have set out the advantages and disadvantages as we see them at the present time.


For some, renting will be the right choice. Those liable to change jobs for instance; in fact anybody who suspects that they may wish to move on again quickly.

It is also the right choice when accommodation is required in a hurry or as temporary housing when you are looking for a particular type of property and need to be in a position to buy it without the encumbrance of having to sell first. Renting also enables you to test out an area before committing yourself to live there permanently.


  • Opportunity to move far quicker with comparatively little experience
  • Proviseds a breathing space to find the 'right' home/ ideal location
  • Fixxed monthly financial outgoings
  • No capital commitment
  • Less responsibility


  • Rents compare unfavorably with mortgage repayments
  • No opportunity to improve accommodation
  • No asset value
  • Short term tenancies cause a feeling of being unsettled
  • Lack of choice



Buying has most of the same advantages and disadvantages too – but reversed! A perfect example is that rents increase with inflation whereas mortgage repayments become much easier as inflation slowly erodes the value of money.


  • Excellent long term outlook for property values
  • Increase in equality value provides capital and flexibility later in life for pensions, changes of lifestyle etc.
  • Wider choice
  • Settles and independent
  • Mortgage repayments compare very favorably against cost of renting
  • Opportunity to invest in improvements/ extensions both of which are likely to increase the value of the property by more than the cost
  • Opportunity to express individuality and flair


  • Locked in capital
  • Continuous cost of maintenance
  • Additional everyday outgoings such as insurances
  • Extra expenses when you decisie to move again
  • Cannot move on as easily

Your Choice

You will have gathered from our comments that the choice as whether to rent or buy entirely depends upon your personal circumstances and your instincts.

The idea of renting long term is a way of life that does not suit many British people and most of us feel there’s a big difference between a ‘house’ and a ‘home’. Many also react against the inevitable (and understandable) restrictions imposed by Landlords to protect their property. Taking everything into account the simplest advice we can give is that if you are settled and reasonably secure it is usually much better to buy – if not, it is more sensible to rent until your circumstances change.