Technology Will Be At Forefront Of Property Market

7th April 2020 posted in PROPERTY NEWS

As the Government has issued guidance for the property market, the number of property transactions will inevitably slow down. This is a challenging time for the entire country, but for those of us with additional time, it is an opportune moment to reflect.

At Country Properties, we have witnessed many changes and developments in the property market over the years. Many of these improvements have been driven by technology, and it is likely technology will lie at the forefront of the property market for the next few years.

We like to think we embrace technology as best we can when marketing and selling homes, and we look forward to returning to what we do best as soon as possible. However, for now, if you have any property market questions, please feel free to contact us.

The current state of the property market

If you are keen to review Government advice to the housing market, you can do so on the official website, but it is important to remember there are instances where property transactions can continue and conclude. We are currently working on some deals with clients while respecting the recommended guidelines.

With the Government advice also referring to virtual viewings, this will likely be an area that becomes more prominent in the property market. At Country Properties, we believe virtual viewings have a significant role to play in the property market, offering benefits to vendors, buyers and agents.

There is a growing demand for video content

There is already increasing demand for video content, but with people becoming more competent and confident with video technology, it will be in higher demand. While high-quality images have long been integral in promoting properties and generating interest in the property, prospective buyers will likely demand video content of the homes they look at on property listings.

Some of the ways video can be used in the housing market include:

·         Live “open house” sessions

·         Question and Answer sessions

·         Video walkthroughs of a property

·         Virtual video tours

While change is a daunting prospect for many people, it is likely buyers and vendors will embrace the increased opportunities provided by virtual viewings. Over time, this may lead to a reduction in actual viewings, but the ones that take place, will involve prospective buyers with a higher degree of buying intent. We are keen to support buyers and vendors as best we can, and if you require guidance on virtual viewings, please get in touch.

Currently, in line with Government guidelines, our Baldock & Ashwell branches are closed.  However, we have key staff working from home, with access to all of our estate agency software, to support all of our clients and keeping ongoing transactions active.  To clients old and new, if you have any queries or need advice on property sales and lettings then please call 01462 895061 or 01462 742077, or you could email or