Safe Shopping Tips You Should Copy


While people are recommended to stay indoors unless necessary, there will be times when many people have to leave their home to buy provisions. While online shopping is offering support to many people, the level of demand far outstrips the ability to supply people at home. If you find yourself having to visit shops to buy food or medicine, we have some safe shopping tips you should copy.

Try to find out when the store is less crowded

With many stores operating with reduced opening hours, it is likely there will be no period where there are no other shoppers. However, by checking in with social media, you may determine some times are less busy than others. Minimising the number of people you are likely to meet when shopping helps you follow social distancing guidelines.

When you are out shopping, you should look to minimise your time. You shouldn’t dally and while you can acknowledge people you know; you shouldn’t stop and chat. You should also maintain a safe distance (with six feet being the recommended safe distance) when dealing with other people.

While there is no need to buy a mask if you don’t have one, some people will feel more confident about being outside if they have covered their mouth and nose. Feel free to use a scarf, cloth, bandana or other items to cover your face when outside. However, don’t think that covering your mouth and nose will be enough to protect you. You should still follow recommended social distancing behaviour, such as not touching your face in public.

Also, if you can, take wipes for the shopping trolley or basket. Some people are wearing gloves, but it is essential to remember to dispose of the gloves and that if the gloves come into contact with the virus, anything the glove then touches may also be affected.

Cleaning your groceries

As nonporous containers may come into contact with the virus, it is a good idea to disinfect these items. Containers you should sanitise include cans, bottles and plastic, metal or glass jars. It should be okay to use a disinfectant wipe to clean your containers. However, anyone looking to create their mix is recommended to mix one-third of a cup of bleach per gallon of water.

Once your containers have been wiped, they should be left to sit for one minute, and then they should be dried off. It is also a good idea to disinfect all surfaces regularly.

There is no unique guidance for washing fresh fruit or vegetables. You should continue to wash these food items with running water, and you should remove dirt or soil with your hands, which should be clean.

It is not recommended to use soap to wash food, as many soaps are harmful to ingest. There is not a lot of evidence to suggest that a respiratory disease can be transferred to a person through produce, so washing fresh fruit and vegetables with water as usual, should be satisfactory.

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