Rural Property Owners Also Looking To Move In Pandemic

9th February 2021 posted in SELLERS

There has been a lot of talk of homeowners selling up their city property and moving to the country.

When you think about the events of the past year, this makes perfect sense. There is a need for people to enjoy the open air and to find space around their home. When you also take on board there is a greater sense of freedom in where people can work, it makes perfect sense for people to head to more suburban or rural settings.

However, a new study by Aviva tells us that there is more to the story than everyone looking to enjoy a quieter pace of life.

The new review spoke to 6,000 people, living in a rural or semi-rural setting.

The findings indicate these people are more likely to desire a house move than people living in urban or suburban areas.

People want a change of scenery

52% of respondents living in a rural setting, and 53% of respondents living in a semi-rural location say they would like to move to a new home in a different area. This is higher than the proportion (39%) for people living in urban or suburban areas.

It turns out people living in a rural or semi-rural setting are looking to move to an area with more facilities.

31% of rural dwellers would be happy to move to a semi-rural location while 30% of people living in a semi-rural setting would like to move to a suburban area.

It might just be a case that everyone is a bit tired and unhappy with their present surroundings, and would like to experience something different.

Therefore, the people who live in a quiet area that has few facilities will see the charm in living near people and being close to much needed shops and destinations. The people who are close to these areas, and who see that they don’t ultimately make you happy, are keen to try something different.

In some ways, a home swap for a year or two might be the more preferrable solution, but of course, that would be virtually impossible to manage!

Why do people want to move?

For the people looking to move to a rural or semi-rural setting, the following reasons were given:

A better quality of life for themselves, family and children were said by 42% of respondents looking at rural living and 36% of respondents looking at semi-rural living.

Better health benefits through lower pollution were cited by 37% of respondents looking to move to a rural setting and 28% of people looking to move to a semi-rural setting.

For people looking to move to a more urban setting, the following features were listed:

  • A better social life said by 23% of respondents
  • Improved facilities, said by 22% of respondents
  • Transport links, named by 22% of respondents

Gareth Hemming, MD for Personal Lines, Aviva says: “Our research shows a disparity between what we might expect to see and the world as it actually is. As more people and businesses have adapted to home-working, this might suggest that people may want to move out of city locations. But the full picture is much more complicated and many people are hoping to move around for a wide variety of reasons, with some planning to move into more urban spaces.”

Gareth continued by saying; “As people move around, it’s important that they review their home insurance to make sure it covers their new circumstances. And at Aviva, as people’s home requirements change, our insurance products are evolving too. So, wherever customers choose to live, we hope to have a solution to meet their needs.”

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