Royston Station Received Temporary Improvement

16th August 2021 posted in BUYERS TENANTS

Many factors influence the demand for property, and the price a prospective buyer is willing to pay for a home. Transport is one of the most crucial factors, and when transport hubs are limited or not operational in the way they should be, a local community suffers.

This has been the case in Royston of late. While the increase in remote working means fewer people have needed to get a train regularly, Royston station has still been operational. A lot of people are still working as normal or carrying out necessary trips.

Royston commuters are going back to work

Even now, at the height of summer, as we move forward, people are venturing back to some form of normality with respect to their routines, and this means transport hubs are becoming busier again.

This means the major improvement work at Royston Station has been inconvenient for many people. In the long-term, these improvements will be of benefit, but there is always short-term pain when work is carried out.

However, many people will be pleased to hear two temporary staircases are bring introduced while the footbridge is repaired and upgraded.

These temporary staircases will save passengers time when moving between platforms. Sometimes when you catch a train, every second is vital. We have all felt the anguish of seeing our train pull out of the station when 10, 20 or even 30 seconds more would have made all the difference to us.

With Royston Station being on the commuter line between King’s Cross and Cambridge, this is a busy station, with a lot of traffic in and out each day.

Passengers faced a lengthy diversion

Without these temporary staircases in place, passengers faced a long diversion to move between platforms. This diversion involved passengers exiting the station, walking around the station and the cross a road bridge before returning to the station. With the temporary staircases now in place, this is no longer necessary.

It is likely that these staircases will be in place for a year, but given the footbridge has suffered massive structural defects, there isn’t much of an alternative for passengers to contend with. It is also hoped that other accessibility improvements will be implemented over the year, resulting in a more efficient and effective station.

Paul Rutter, Route Director for Network Rail’s East Coast route, said; “We would like to thank passengers for their patience whilst the footbridge at Royston station is closed, and we apologise for any inconvenience. Our teams will be working as quickly as possible to provide this temporary route over the railway to connect passengers to the platforms. We are continuing to develop plans to improve accessibility for people using the station as well as making sure the existing footbridge can be used safely and reliably in future.”

Jenny Saunders, Customer Services Director for Great Northern and Thameslink, said: “These new temporary staircases will be welcomed by our customers at Royston station as they’ll save them having to walk quite so far to swap platforms. We’ll continue to work closely with Paul and his team at Network Rail to establish the best long-term solution, with an eye to improving accessibility.”

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