Royston Market Solves Many Modern Problems

9th September 2021 posted in SELLERS LANDLORDS

We know there is are many news topics vying for your attention these days, but you cannot have failed to notice many shops are struggling to get produce on their shelves. You don’t even need to watch the news to see this, and you might have experienced it for yourself by visiting a local supermarket or shop.

There are many reasons for this, and we don’t need to get side-tracked into a political debate; for now, the most essential matter is to be aware of how you can best care for yourself and your loved ones.

Royston Market makes local life easier

At Country Properties, we love Royston for many reasons, but one of the most substantial factors is Royston Market. The market remains at the heart of the local community, acting as a social centre for residents but also as a place where you can get everything you need.

At a time when supermarket shelves are lying empty, you will never be happier or more relieved to live close to a market town. In Royston, you have the opportunity to enjoy fresh local produce provided by people who have served the community for some time.

Even if the current predicament weren’t taking place, there would be a strong argument for supporting local producers while helping yourself to tasty food.

There is a lot to look out for at Royston Market

A recent list of attendees gives you a great indication of everything you can find at Royston Market. No matter what you are looking for, you should find it close to home:

·       St Ives Wholesale Produce Delivery Services fruit and veg

·       Priors Hall Farm butchers

·       F.E.Tucker & Sons fishmongers

·       Cheesy Bob

·       Letchworth Bakery

·       Mr Taco Mexican street-food

·       The Fudge Can delicious award winning fudge.

·       Artistic -wares ceramic mugs, cushions, fabrics

·       Bob Whiteman's hardware stall

·       Dressed by Floladies fashion and accessories

·       Sharman's flowers and plants

·       Alan Barlow's antiques and vintage collectables

·       Ken Smith's toys

·       Steve James golf equipment and bikes

Stock up on fruit and veg

St Ives Wholesale Produce can be found at Royston Market on Wednesday and Saturdays, although people should be aware they are taking a little break at the start of September. Their planned return to the marketplace takes place on Wednesday 8th September, and then they will continue as normal.

The company also offer fruit and vegetable deliveries in and around Royston (and surrounding areas), so if you can’t make it to the market, you can still benefit from fresh produce.

There are selections priced between £10 and £30, with the titles alone giving you a good indicator of what is on offer:

·       Fruit Fancy

·       Fruit Salad

·       Garden Veg

·       Medium Mix

·       Mini Mix

·       Reg Mix

·       Salad and Veg

·       Seasonal Selection

·       Super Fruit

·       Super Mix

In line with Government guidelines, our Royston branch is open and is staffed with sales and lettings personnel.  If you have any queries or need advice on property sales and lettings then please call 01763 245121 or email