Royston Amenities Buyers Love

7th October 2021 posted in BUYERS

At Country Properties, we know property buyers care more than just about a house. There is a need to consider the local amenities, and we think Royston has a lot to offer.

A recent study considered the shops and facilities that matter most people, and we are pleased to see Royston offer the key things prospective buyers cite when looking to buy a home.

What supermarket comes out on top?

When asked what supermarket people want close to their home, Tesco nudged past Waitrose by a mere 1%. In the South of England, Waitrose was the clear favourite, while Sainsbury’s came out on top in Yorkshire & the Humber. Looking at all property listings on Rightmove, Tesco is the supermarket that is mentioned most by estate agents in listings, followed by Waitrose.

There isn’t a Waitrose in Royston, or in the nearby vicinity. Anyone looking to shop at this chain of supermarkets is required to travel to the Cambridge store, which is listed as the closest to Royston.

This isn’t the case with Tesco, and there are two Tesco stores for Royston residents. The Tesco Extra store is found on Old North Road while the Express store is located on Market Hill.

People love a pint

The most important establishment property buyers want close to their home is a pub! The order of vital establishments were as follows:

1.       Pub

2.       Local corner shop

3.       Coffee shop

4.       Local market

5.       Bakeries

6.       Restaurants

7.       Local greengrocers

8.       Local butchers

It is interesting that takeaway venues only appear after all these establishments. It might be that delivery options reduce the need for a takeaway venue on your door, or it could be that the answers were not 100% truthful! In the capital, a local market came out on top.

Some of the most highly regarded pubs in Royston, at least according to their Google reviews, include Banyers House, The Green Man, Jolly Postie and The Jockey.

Tim Bannister, Rightmove’s property expert comments: “The study paints a fascinating picture of what a ‘dream home’ really means to people. Usually, you might think a dream home is a mansion with swimming pools and other luxuries, but the British sense of thinking practically comes through very clearly with garages, utility rooms and home offices the order of the day. Perhaps it’s the thought that if you have a dream home you want to make sure you’re going to make use of everything. Rather than choosing an outdoor swimming pool only to realise you can only use it a few weeks of the year, you think of a utility room that you know you’ll be using every day.”

Tim Bannister continued by saying; “Earlier this year detached homes hit over half a million pounds nationally for the first time, aided by increased demand for more space. This means that many people looking to move right now are likely to be looking for a smaller home, but some will have their mindset on how they could eventually achieve the four-bed detached home with a garden. Others will be thinking about what living the coastal life in a cottage could be like, and for some that will mean their daily search on Rightmove turns into picking up the keys to their new life a few months down the line.”

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