October Kimpton Village Events

11th October 2019 posted in BUYERS TENANTS

We all know that Kimpton is a quiet village, however there are still a significant number of activities that take place throughout the year.

The significant events worth noting are the annual Kimpton May Festival and the Kimpton Art Show. Many residents enjoy the buzz and excitement surrounding these events, and many people come from near and far to participate.

However, while these are the leading attractions over the year, they are far from the only events. You may be surprised to learn there are more than 50 organisations and clubs active in the village. A lot of these groups band together to ensure the Kimpton May Festival goes swimmingly, but no matter the month of the year, there will be something which gets you out of the house and socialising with others.

Kimpton Garden Club

The garden club takes place on the first Wednesday of the month and is hugely popular, and there are plenty of reasons to join up. Guest speakers share their expertise in gardening, and in the summer months, there are trips to gardens. The club also has a keen social side, with parties in August and December. The club is open to new members, and they are eager to see people signing up.

Whether you are looking for great advice about your garden, or you would like to improve your social life, this club is an excellent example of what Kimpton has to offer.

Kimpton WI Meeting

The second Wednesday of the month sees another fine institution congregating in the Memorial Hall, the Kimpton Women’s Institute.

This is another group which is also on the lookout for new members, and guests are also warmly welcomed. There is an annual membership fee, or it is possible to pay on the night if you want to hear or meet a particular speaker. As you would expect, there is an excellent platter of coffee or tea, and biscuits to enjoy.

Crafty Cuppa sessions are ideal for many

If you enjoy making things or you would like to meet up with likeminded people who do, the Craft Cuppa sessions on the third Monday of the month is well worth checking out. You can bring along projects, and it is always helpful to speak to people who have a similar interest or passion in life.

For October, the date for your diary is the 21st of October, and the event runs between 1pm and 3pm. With many of the clubs and groups meeting at night or the weekend, this is an event that will be ideal for a lot of people looking for a during the day activity.

The Parish Council works hard in ensuring the village has a lot to offer and runs well. The October meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled for the 23rd of the month. If you have a strong community spirit and want to get involved, this may be the ideal time to spring into action.

Even the parish church building has a lot going for it. The building may have a unique style, but with a bell dating back to the 1300s, there is a strong sense of history in the area. The church is the only Grade 1 listed building in the local parish.

If you want insight into the full range of clubs on offer in Kimpton, there are over 50 to choose from and no matter what you enjoy in life, you should be able to find an activity, group or club that you want to join. Whether you would like some new friends, want to keep yourself busy, or just want to try something new, Kimpton has more on offer than you would expect.

Why don’t you make October the month you try something new? There is plenty of going on in Kimpton Village, and you’ll be more than welcome to join in the fun and activity.