More space required - Extend or move?

26th June 2018 posted in SELLERS BUYERS

Almost a Shakespearean question! Is there a golden rule that determines one or the other? Sorry, No! In our experience, you need to weigh up the pros and cons very carefully:-

A) Extending

  • In the vast majority of cases, purpose made conservertories prove to be an excellent investment
  • Subject to any plot or planning limitations, the size, shape and appearance of the extra accommodation can be tailored to suit your own requirements.
  • Before drawing up plans, ensure that the total cost of the property and completed extension will not exceed any limitations on values imposed by the location and/ or surrounding property.
  • Ensure that the size or appearence of the extension is not our of keeping with its surroundings.
  • Dont spoil existing rooms in the process of extending (light/ size/ shape)
  • The costs, including plans, getting planning permission and building regulation approval, management of the project and contingencies can be much higher that the value added by your extension. 
  • Be careful about converting your garage - the conversion may not suit many other people when you come to sell
  • The 'hassle' factor - living in a state of noise, dust and disarray

B) Moving

  • Extra costs enter the equation:- legal fees (sale and purchase), agents fees, removal costs and a contingency allowance.
  • Consider the intangible costs too, such as the upheaval to new surroundings and new neighbours
  • Another property may provide greater potential or better balanced accommodation. To help you make the right decision look at locations which are of interest and then scour the market to find out if there is anything available which already provides (A) the added space you need or (B) better potential to extend

Help available

We have departments available to:-

  • Provide mortgage/ remortgage advice
  • Provide an up to date market valuation of your property and advise on potential value post extension woks
  • Find an alternative property for you via our unique "Home Finder" service