Market Towns Are In High Demand

24th September 2020 posted in SELLERS LANDLORDS

With the stamp duty holiday invigorating the housing market, and many people looking to capitalise on remote working, there has been more focus on the suitability of market towns. However, this is a trend which has been developing in recent years.

At Country Properties Biggleswade, we believe that market towns are a fantastic place to live. If you want to know more about why market towns are in high demand, we are here to help you.

The accessibility of market towns is a huge factor in their popularity

There is a lot to be said for the simplicity of market towns. Knowing you and your loved ones are within walking distance of shops, healthcare facilities, libraries, and the essential local amenities in life is a great boon for many people.

Having all the essential outlets on your doorstep is convenient, but it also encourages a healthier lifestyle. By walking more and being active, you create a base level of fitness which is a crucial aim for many families these days.

For many people, the size of population in a market town is right

In life, finding balance is crucial in feeling happy, and the size of market towns makes many people content and comfortable. The area is small enough for you to feel an essential part of your community, but the area is large enough to be diverse. You should be able to find hobbies and activities that you love in the local area, and Biggleswade (and surrounding towns) offer social opportunities.

Education is always crucial, and it matters here

Placing your child or children into a great school matters to most families, and there is a confidence to be found in schools in market towns. In Biggleswade, you have a range of great schools to consider.

Lawnside Lower School, St Andrew's CofE VC Lower School, Ivel Valley School, Biggleswade Academy and Edward Peake CofE VC Middle School are all well-regarded schools in the local area.

There is a diverse range of housing options in market towns

Given that individual people and households have their budget and tastes, which will likely differ from other families, it is excellent to know there is a diverse range of housing options in the local area.

Rightmove states, in 2019, the majority of property sales in Biggleswade were for detached properties, with an average price of £419,534. However, there were also semi-detached property sales, with an average price of £287,263; and terraced property sales, which carried an average price of £253,560.

No matter what sort of home you are looking for, or what price you wish to pay, you should find a suitable option in Biggleswade.

There is longevity associated with market towns

There should be some long-term thinking involved when looking at homes in a market town. If you are looking for a property you can live in for decades, you have a lot to like about Biggleswade. Alternatively, even if you know you want to sell up in a few years, it is vital to know the home will appeal to future buyers.

Given Biggleswade appeals to homeowners across a few generations, you can feel confident about living in this area for many years to come.

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