Longer Opening Hours For Letchworth Lido

18th January 2022 posted in BUYERS TENANTS

The start of the year often sees a news story about some people jumping into the sea, embracing a very cold start to the New Year. Most of us think this is an act that must be avoided, and of course, the thought of most outdoor activities at this time of year can be depressing.

However, it will not be long until the warmer months roll around, and there is hope that people will be able to indulge in one of the best local activities for longer this year.

This is because there are calls with North Herts Council to extend the outdoor pool season at the Letchworth Lido, and at the Hitchin Lido, this year. At the January 20th council meeting, Sue Foster will have the chance to talk about the need to extend the opening hours, and to present the petition.

The normal season usually runs from the end of May to early September.

Sue is proposing the season should begin on the 1st of April, continuing until the end of September. The reasons Sue cites for this change include:

·       Health

·       Community

·       Tourism

If you think it would be too cold at some of those times, Sue spoke to The Comet, and explained why this shouldn’t be a problem. Sue said; “One of the problems is that people don't realise that it's heated - and well heated. The other days that it's brilliant is when it's cold and the mist is rising off the water and you can't see to the other end of the pool. It's just otherworldly. They're cracking good days. If people realise that you're not going to get cold, a lot more people would brave it!”

There are financial considerations to take on board

Of course, it is one thing for people to call for the lido to remain open for longer, but councils need to make tough decisions. There will be costs associated with the lido staying open for longer, and of course, many councils will have to make tough decisions this year because of so many demands on their time and money.

However, Sue is aware of the costs associated with the process, and is hopeful a solution can be found. She said; “I just hope that the council listens to us and they take some of it on board, because we are really aware of the financial aspects of staying open. But we really think that there must be a way around it, because the benefits of it from a physical point of view are wonderful because it's 50 metres, it's twice as long. But mentally, there's just nothing like it. To see people, the smiles on everybody's faces, that's the best thing. Even on the days when it's really busy. It's boiling hot, there are loads of kids in there - those days are still lovely, because everyone is laughing - and that's got to be really good for the mental health of our towns.”

There is strong support from the wider communities of the area

Sue took great pleasure in seeing a majority of names come from the wider community, and not just people who regularly use the pool. This is an indicator of the sense of community in the local area. You might not use something yourself but if you see the positive impact it has on others, you know it is a good thing to have on offer in your local area.

Sue said; “That's just been so wonderful. Everyone's such a friendly bunch, and it's all so inclusive. It's just the most friendly, delightful place. It's very hard for people who don't swim there to understand this. I'm not giving up with this one. We're so lucky to have not one but two beautiful pools. Very different pools, but beautiful ones. I've put my heart and soul into this. It means so much to me.”

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