Letchworth Garden City Vendors - Ready for the New Year surge?

4th December 2019 posted in SELLERS

It is perfectly understandable people are focusing on the festive season, but you will also find many people are taking an interest in what the New Year has to offer. The start of the year is a perfect time to make changes and improvements in your life. Some people will look to improve their health, others will want to enhance their career prospects, and there will be households looking to move home.

The New Year Surge sums up the increase in interest from buyers looking for a new home. If you are keen to sell your property, it is best to be present in front of buyers when they are seeking, which is why there is a lot to be said for being active in January. However, did you know there is a significant number of buyers looking for homes at the tail end of the year?


Are you ready for the Boxing Day bounce?

The volume of buyers looking at homes in the week between Christmas and New Year has been referred to as the Boxing Day Bounce. Rightmove have released figures indicating they experience a 228% increase in page views in the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. You also have many estate agents saying Boxing Day is their busiest website day of the year. If you want to place your home in front of willing buyers, this is a great time to be active in the market.

There is also the fact many vendors aren’t going to place their home on the market at this time of year. People who are determined to make the most of Christmas and New Year are happy to wait until January before starting the sales process. However, as buyers are looking before then, you can steal a march on them.

Less competition enhances your chances of selling your home

Knowing you can enter the market when there is less competition is a great comfort for most vendors. If there are fewer vendors in the market, you enhance your chances of connecting with likely buyers. Given the competitive nature of the property market, anything which improves your chances of selling your home has to be considered as worthwhile.

If buyers are actively looking for homes at this time of year, including arranging viewings, they are serious about buying a home. In Spring and Summer, it is easier to arrange a viewing and attend with no great hardship. However, in Winter, if someone is leaving their home to look at a property, they are far more likely to have an interest in the property.


Therefore, even if you experience fewer viewings at this time of year, it is often better to meet a smaller number of buyers with a higher intent of buying than to deal with a lot of people who aren’t serious about buying a property.

If you are looking to sell your home in 2020, it is never too early to start the process. Contact Country Properties Letchworth Garden City, and we’ll be happy to help. We can arrange a property valuation, or talk you through the sales process, so contact us today.

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