How to work from home in a small space


With many people forced into working from home with little to no warning, it is understandable that a large part of the workforce is still coming to terms with remote working, which means households are looking to make a more permanent setting for work.

There is a lot of advice for working from home, but not all of the guidance is pertinent or relevant to everyone. The work you do and the equipment you use may be unique to you, or significantly different to other people. Also, if you don’t have a lot of space at home, this may present an additional challenge, but there is no reason why you cannot create a suitable working environment, even if you have limited space. Please consider the following steps in creating a suitable space in helping you work from home.

Tidy up at the end of the working day

If you are doubling up, such as using a table or kitchen counter for work, clean and tidy away at the end of every session. When you power down your laptop, place it into a bag or container, and store it away.

Doing this daily may seem an inconvenience, but it provides two significant benefits. You will have more space to work, and you will create a division between home-life and work-life. It is imperative to create a work-life balance, and a simple step as clearing your work items away will help you feel more relaxed at home.

Look for storage solutions at every turn

Adding or implementing storage solutions around the workspace will be of benefit. Whether you have storage items in the home, or you need to order them, you’ll find them to be of great value when working from home.

Investing in a desk with built-in storage can free up a lot of space. If you need access to a printer or you are storing files, having everything you need in one unit is convenient, and it will save space.

Focus on what you really need

Your standard workspace in the office might have a lot of equipment and accessories, but what do you really need to do your job? You should look to pare back the equipment you use to the bare essentials. By only using what you need, you should be able to maximise the return you receive from the space you have.

Also, if you have a limited workspace, make sure you arrange regular breaks away from the working area. Spending a lot of your day in a cramped room isn’t good for you, so make sure you step away from computer screens and cramped environments throughout the working day.

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