Episode 2: Getting a Valuation

2nd August 2018 posted in CP VIDEO SERIES

This week we are going to look at the very first step in the sales process – getting your house valued. This is a crucial part of the process and one where you decide on which estate agent you to choose and trust to sell your property. 

Country Properties advise these key points when it comes to getting your house valued:

Invite three agents

Instruct three separate agents to perform a valuation on your property. Once you have got to know the agents and had the valuation results, you should have enough information to make your decision.

The highest valuation isn’t always best

We strongly advise not to automatically go for the highest quote, no matter how tempting it may be. 
Do your research
It would be a great idea for you to go online and compare prices of similar properties in your area or street

CP Valuaton buttons2.jpg
Is your quote realistic?
If your quote is realistic then it will more than likely generate more interest when it is put up for sale.

The agent you instruct has to be one that you trust and has your best interests at heart. You and your agent will make some big decisions together, so it is key that you pick someone you are comfortable with.

Contact your local Country Properties branch to book your valuation and hope we are the perfect agent for you.


Next week: we will be looking at how to present your property for viewings.