How people work from home


Even though there are growing calls for more businesses to return to a more “normal” working practice, it is likely that working from home will become more commonplace as we move forward. It is expected that the novelty of remote working has worn off for many people and companies, which means people are facing up to the longer-term challenge of making this form of work suit their needs.

It is worth remembering that for 2019, only 5% of the working population were classed as working from home as their principal place of work. Less than 30% of the working population had worked from home at any point. When these figures are examined for 2020, they will be hugely different.

It would be fair to say many people have found the reality of remote working to be different from their perception. Anyone who thought working from home was about lying in bed or watching TV as you send emails will realise this is not the case. On the odd occasion, this might be acceptable, but when you need to be productive, you need to have a suitable set-up for remote working to be effective.

Home office equipment was in high demand in March

Therefore, it is no surprise many people purchased home office equipment in March of this year. There was a 172% increase in the purchase of computer monitors in this month and office chair sales rose by 104%. Office desk sales rose by 89%. While it is possible to find affordable home office equipment, there is no denying there was a sizable investment in this area in March.

This is another factor which is likely to drive a switch to home working in the future. People have invested time and money into setting up a home office space, and they will wish to utilise it. A lot of people have enjoyed avoiding the daily commute, and working from home creates time, space and freedom.

You also have to consider many firms will see remote working as an opportunity to save money. When you have employees and employers viewing the benefits of home working, you can see why many companies will continue in this manner, even when firms can operate as close to normal as they can.

Technology is driving people’s ability to work from home

There has also been a significant increase in the use of technology for remote working. Zoom is one of the leading names in conference calls, and many people have signed up with the provider of late. In December 2019, Zoom hosted an average of 10 million calls a day. In March 2020, the average number of daily meetings hosted by Zoom rose to 200 million.

The increase in remote working opportunities will impact businesses, but it will also affect the property market. Buyers will likely consider home office space as a priority or concern when viewing homes, so vendors should consider if they can incorporate this factor in presenting their house for sale.

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