How to attract buyers to your property listing

1st May 2019 posted in SELLERS

To sell your home, you need to attract buyers to your property, and this process begins with the property listing. Given the number of houses that are listed, you need to ensure your listing stands out for all the right reasons. If you fail to attract buyers to your listing, you won’t make the sale, but at Country Properties, we have tips that ensure prospective buyers see your listing.


Stage your home to attract a specific type of buyer

It is likely that a certain kind of buyer will be more likely to hold an interest in your home. Therefore, you should ensure your home appeals to this style of buyer. Staging your house to appeal to a likely buyer ensures you have high-quality images for your listing, which will persuade buyers to stop and pay attention to your home.

Change the featured image regularly

There are different views on this step, but if you are struggling to draw people to your listing, change the featured image. It may be that a prospective buyer isn’t drawn in by the image you use initially, but they may approve of other pictures of your home or feel attracted ta different image.

Sometimes the process of finding and using the right image can be trial and error, so don’t be afraid to mix things up a little during the process.


Promote the listing on social media

Social media is an excellent platform to draw attention to your house and reach buyers. We use social media to promote all our listed properties, but vendors can also get involved. Social media thrives on high-quality images, so make sure you share these images from your account.

Ask friends and family members to share the content, helping you reach more people.

Offer as much information as you can

While providing too much content and information can be annoying or overwhelming, you should look to provide as much information as you can. Offer a floor plan of your house, create additional content that shows the views from your home and even talk about your neighbours.

It is possible for people to research areas online, but as a property owner in the area, you have information that buyers need to know. If you provide this information, you’ll find buyers will take a higher level of interest in your listing.


Promote your local area, not just the house

While the house is the aspect that is up for sale, a buyer purchases more than the house. A buyer wants to find an area where they can feel at home. If they are young, free and single, the buyer may wish to be connected to social aspects while being within easy reach of their work. For families, education and safe places for children to play are likely to be critical features.

Make sure you know what your local area has to offer and ensure that prospective buyers are aware of what the area provides. You may be surprised at how informative your advice and guidance may be when looking to persuade buyers that your house is the ideal home for them.

At Country Properties, we are pleased to say we have helped many homeowners promote and sell their home. If you are looking for guidance on effectively listing your property, contact your local Country Properties branch today by clicking HERE, and we will be happy to help.