Hitchin August Bank Holiday Activities

14th August 2019 posted in PROPERTY NEWS

The August Bank Holiday is one of the most eagerly anticipated breaks of the year. It is the last major Bank Holiday in the year, and it often brings about a change of mood and momentum. It has been a heady and joyous summer, but it is time to look forward to autumn.

The football season is back, the schools are nearly in session, and you know the colder and darker nights are not too far away. You could decide it is time to get ready for the downturn in weather, or you could determine the summer deserves one final hurrah.

This is how you should approach the Bank Holiday in Hitchin, and you have no shortage of events to look forward to. We love living in the local area, and when it comes to Hitchin August Bank Holiday activities, we are sure some of these events will be ideal.


Join the jazz and gin summer garden party

There is still time to enjoy a summer garden party, and with the best drink of the summer in your hand, you’ll have a fantastic time. The Hitchin Priory is serving up a special event on Friday the 23rd of August. If you love gin, you’ll appreciate the drinks that flow, and while jazz isn’t everyone’s favourite musical genre, it is often ideal for a warm and hazy summer evening.

The doors open at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start and there will be live jazz and plenty of fantastic food. If you’re looking for a final summer blowout at the beginning of the August Bank Holiday weekend, the Priory is the perfect place to pitch up.


Have a fit time at Hitchin Market Place

Whether you make the most of the Friday night out, or you want a more wholesome August Bank Holiday weekend, the FitFest event at Hitchin Market Place is ideal on Saturday 24th August. If you made the most of your summer, it might be time to focus on your health and fitness again. The event runs from 10.00am to 3.00pm, and you have the chance to meet with a fantastic selection of the health, fitness and wellbeing businesses in the local area.

Perhaps you are looking for a new challenge? Maybe you need some fresh ideas to ensure you continue to enjoy your fitness? It could just be you are looking for some guidance on how to make the most of your spare time?

No matter your level of experience and confidence, getting advice from health and fitness experts is never a bad idea. There will be plenty of stalls, food and drink to try, so why not set yourself up for a healthy autumn and winter by meeting with the great and the good of the local fitness scene.

There will be active demos, so you have the chance to try new activities, and see if anything takes your fancy.


It's nearly time for school

With the new school year looming closer, you may want to ease your kids back into the old routine. A trip to the British Schools Museum could be in order. Some pop-up exhibitions are ending at the start of September, so the Bank Holiday weekend could be the ideal time to visit.

There is a display concerning Sunday Schools and their impact on everyday life. If you want to let your kids know that life was much tougher for youngsters in the olden days, this is a fantastic event to look out for.

There’s also a pop-up display about picture postcards, piers and the local life that surrounded these destinations. This exhibition also closes at the start of September, so get along this month.


Get back to nature before autumn arrives

The Stotfold Watermill Nature Reserve is a brilliant place to while away a few hours. If you or your kids love wildlife in its natural habitat, you have the perfect chance to see plants and animals up close. Given that the August Bank Holiday weekend arrives as summer is turning to autumn, you have the opportunity to see the area on a cusp of a change.

This is the time of year when nature fizzes with excitement. The most vivid change comes with the colour of leaves on the trees. Why not plan your visit for the August Bank Holiday to see what the leaves look like at the end of summer, and then schedule a return journey deep into autumn.

Returning to the same spot around Halloween will provide you with a stunning insight into how nature evolves in front of our eyes. Whether you want your kids to develop a love for nature, or you love pretty colours in public, Stotfold Watermill Nature Reserve is a fantastic destination at the end of August.


Last chance for an outdoor swim

The August Bank Holiday represents the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. With a new school year just around the corner, it can be a sad time for many youngsters. However, to lift the mood, and make the most of the final days of summer, it is best to participate in some of the activities that won’t be around for much longer.

The indoor pool at Hitchin Swimming Centre isn’t going anywhere, but your chance to enjoy the outdoor pool ends on the 6th of September. Therefore, what better way for you to enjoy some exercise and fun this August Bank Holiday weekend by taking an outdoor dip.

Okay, you may want to see what the weather is like before you commit to this activity. However, if the temperature is high and the days are sunny, there will be few more exceptional spots in Hitchin at the end of August than at the outdoor pool. It is probably best to have your costume prepared just in case!

Whatever the weather, and whatever your interest, we are sure you will have a fantastic time in Hitchin over the August Bank Holiday weekend. We love Hitchin all year round, but at times like this, the array of events and the camaraderie in the local community brings it to life. We look forward to this big weekend, and we hope you do too.