Heading Back To The Office? Biggleswade Remains Great Value As Commuter Option

13th July 2021 posted in BUYERS TENANTS

With remote working now commonplace, many people no longer worry about travel prices or train tickets going up! However, for people who live in Biggleswade and find themselves heading into London regularly, there might be an increase on the way.

A study by Bankrate suggests that Biggleswade commuters have saved up to £2,486 across the 20-week remote working period during lockdown. A spokesperson for the company said; “Despite the UK government changing the work from home guidance at the beginning of August, more than 20 of the UK’s largest companies have said that the majority of their employees will continue to work from home and will do so for the 'foreseeable' future.”

Therefore, the price rises might not impact everyone, or anyone too much, but it is important to be aware of price rises just in case. If you are currently working from home, you can enjoy saving even more money!

The ticket prices are set to rise, including:

·       Weekly tickets rising to £121.72, which is a rise of £1.92

·       Monthly tickets increasing to £467.46, which is a rise of £7.36

·       Annual season tickets increasing to £4,868.67, which represents a rise of £76.67

No one wants to see prices rise, but Biggleswade still represents value for money as a commuter option.

One thing that has caught the attention of some users are tickets which allow people to make fewer journeys over a longer period. If you only need to be in the office a few days a week, this style of ticket might offer better value than a day or traditional season ticket.

Biggleswade has long been considered a great commuter option

February 2020 might seem like a world away from now, but don’t forget that Biggleswade was listed as the “best value” commuter town in a study undertaken by CBRE, a leading property company and consultancy.

With a journey time of 44 minutes to St Pancras in the heart of London, Biggleswade was praised for an affordable annual season ticket price (in the grand scheme of things) and the wide array of local facilities in and around Biggleswade.

Of course, the world has changed since then, but in some ways, Biggleswade is now even more appealing to people who need to travel to and from London on a regular or semi-regular basis.

Dianne Kenny, a local business owner spoke to the Times, saying; “Biggleswade has always been cheaper that Hitchin because it's just over the border in Bedfordshire from Hertfordshire, but prices are going up. It's a good time to buy.”

Jennet Siebrits, UK head of residential research at CBRE, said: “We looked at nearly 150 commuter towns and villages.  The average house price across these locations is £393,570, which is 19 per cent lower than the London average of £488,003. There is wide range to suit different budgets.  For example, in Luton the average price is less than half the London average at £229,032. In contrast Beaconsfield has an average price of nearly £831,000. There are many factors influencing this range in prices; including access to nature, local amenities, and the quality of schools. But for commuters there is a significant trade-off between property price, travel time and travel cost.”

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