Episode 7: Accepting offers

6th September 2018 posted in CP VIDEO SERIES

We are now at the stage of receiving offers so this weeks episode will be based on the process of accepting offers on your property and which is the best one to go with.

There are many different types of offerees and much like the valuation advice, you don’t want to assume the highest offer is the best. Your agent should do due-diligence on the buyers and should look at:

  • Which is your best offer
  • How quickly the buyer will get to exchange

TOP TIP: challenge your agent for more information.

Before accepting an offer, and ask your agent:

  • Why have they offered this amount?
  • Is this the best offer on the table?

We hope you are more confident in the selling process and that you are able to get the most from your estate agent’s service. Remember, you can turn to your agent at any point, for advice and support. Thank you for watching the series and we hope that your journey in selling your property is a happy one!