Declutter with Purpose


Anyone who is going to spend a lot of time at home shortly will likely see some flaws and problems at home. Perhaps you’ll start to think your current home is too small for your needs. If you have a few people staying at home right now, you will need all the space you can muster.

At Country Properties Biggleswade, we are pleased to say we have assisted many local vendors in selling their home. There are many vital components involved with selling a home, but decluttering the property is a sensible starting point. When you declutter your home, you create space, and you make it much easier to clean the property, allowing you to make a better impression on prospective buyers.

We are here to provide you with tips on how to declutter with purpose.

Have an end goal in mind

Whatever you want to achieve in life, it is helpful to have a goal in mind. When you are working to something tangible, you will be more motivated, and you can determine your progress. This should make it easier for you to maintain a good work schedule.

Have a plan of action

Everyone works in their way, and it is sensible for you to think about how you can best achieve your decluttering goals. The way that is best for some people to work may not be right for you, so develop a plan that will get the best from you, and your household.

Set yourself a deadline

Even though we have a lot of time at the moment, it is essential to set yourself a timeline for the project. When you have an end-date in mind, you are more inclined to keep working. If you leave the decluttering project as open-ended, you will likely take a more relaxed approach to the process.

Do you have all the equipment you need?

While many decluttering tasks require nothing more than a plastic bag or box to place items in, to finish the job properly, you may need other pieces of equipment. Cleaning materials will come in handy at this time, so before you start the process, make sure you can access everything you need.

What are you going to do with items you don’t want?

One of the problems people face in the decluttering process is being unable to dispose of items. Some individuals find it helpful to create a “maybe” pile, for the items where it is difficult to choose between keeping or getting rid of.

A good tip is to place items into a maybe pile for a few weeks, and if you don’t use them or think about them, you can consider them as unnecessary.

Also, consider what you are going to do in removing these items from your home. Many charity stores are currently closed, so you may need to reconsider this option. However, at this time, many community groups need additional products, so check on social media to see if there is anything local you can support.

Currently, in line with Government guidelines, our Biggleswade branch is closed.  However, we have key staff working from home, with access to all of our estate agency software, to support all of our clients and keeping ongoing transactions active.  To clients old and new, if you have any queries or need advice on property sales and lettings then please call 01767 317799 or email