Can You Sell Your Home in Winter? Yes You Can!

25th October 2018 posted in SELLERS

Spring may be the busiest time of year in the property market, but this doesn’t mean you can’t sell your home before then. In fact, given the demand for homes, there is no time like the present to place your home on the market. At Country Properties, we believe that you can sell your home in winter, and we are here to help you achieve success.

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Create a warm environment

A warm and comfortable home provides a pleasant welcome to viewers, and this is something that buyers want to see in a home. On a practical level, if you are hosting a viewing, make sure you have turned on the central heating or radiators to increase the temperature. If you are going to be out for most of the day before a viewing, pre-set the heating to come on at a reasonable time to warm the property.

If you have more time to prepare your house, consider how well insulated your property is. Check your window and door frames to ensure that there are no gaps or cracks where heat can escape. Consider adding cavity wall insulation to retain heat. This creates a great impression in the short-term but it also an addition that can lower monthly energy bills, something buyers are keen to see in a property.

Make sure your garden or outside area is tidy

Moving from autumn to winter presents many challenges but none more so than keeping a tidy garden. With falling leaves, wind and rain, nature conspires against you in creating a tidy garden but as the external area is the first thing that a prospective buyer sees at your home, it is essential that you create a positive first impression.

Quick tips to consider in keeping the garden tidy include:

  • Rake up leaves
  • Trim the edge of your lawn
  • Store garden furniture out of sight
  • Remove any unsafe branches or limbs on trees in the garden
  • Trim any untidy bushes
  • Ensure all paths and driveways have been cleaned

Given that winter is often a dull time of year when it comes to weather, consider adding a bright accessory like colourful plant pots or a hanging basket beside your front door. A simple addition can create a more positive and cheery atmosphere at your home, which can help you connect with prospective buyers.

Be practical around your front door

Challenging weather conditions not only cause problems in your garden, but they can also create issues inside your home. If you are welcoming viewers to your home, add a large welcome mat to allow people to wipe their feet. Add coat hooks or hangers close to the front door so guests can hang their coats or external layers, such as hats and scarves. Consider adding an umbrella stand to the front hall of your home.

Adding these features ensures that guests are welcomed and can get more comfortable when they enter your home. However, you will also find that these features minimise the amount of mud, dirt and excess water being trailed around your house, which will make it easier to keep your home clean and tidy.

Let there be light

Effective lighting is essential when selling your home but in winter, it is a top priority. Consider adding external lighting in the garden area or on a path. This adds a level of safety and security to your home, but it is also a nice touch which brightens up the area and showcases your garden.

Inside your home, add several smaller lights or lamps around a room as opposed to relying on one big light. This helps to create a cosier atmosphere, while also being an energy efficient option.

If you are selling close to Christmas, feel free to add seasonal decorations but it is important that your home doesn’t become cluttered. No matter the time of year, you want to present your home with as much space as possible, meaning you should keep the festive decorations to a minimal level.

At Country Properties, we believe it is possible to sell your home in winter. With our help, we will ensure you engage prospective buyers, giving you the best chance of moving on in the New Year. To find out more about how we can help you sell your home this winter, contact us today or pop into your nearest branch.