Buyers And Vendors Demand A Traditional Agent

19th June 2020 posted in SELLERS BUYERS

With the housing market re-open, many people are looking for guidance on how the industry will operate, and what agents are best equipped to support buyers and vendors. The property sector is coming to terms with new ways of working, but this is nothing new for the industry.

The property market has long been an industry which has evolved at a rapid rate. The emergence of the internet, online property portals and social networking sites has changed the way businesses engage with their clients.

Traditional values and working practices are crucial in housing market

However, even though new technology has forced the market to adapt and evolve, it is estate agents who have maintained traditional values alongside the new ways of working that have provided the best support to their clients.

Through the various peaks and troughs of the housing sector, the agents' people trust are the professionals with experience and a strong track record. While the housing market is rapidly coming up with ways to sell homes safely, people want a combination of new and safer methods alongside traditional working practices.

The CEO of The Guild of Property Professionals, Ian MacKenzie, has discussed how people are looking for dependable agents. There is no denying people are looking for guidance from trusted sources right now. Therefore, buyers and vendors are looking to work with experienced housing market professionals.

MacKenzie said; “With the online sector of the market under immense pressure, now is the time that truly local, dedicated property professionals can shine. As the property market begins to move again and communities re-establish themselves, neighbourhood agents who are a part of their communities will be an intrinsic part of rebuilding the local economy and getting those regions back on their feet.”

Local knowledge will always matter, and we can help

One thing that has always been important in the housing market is local knowledge. An agent with local knowledge has an idea of the levels of supply and demand in the market, local prices and who is looking for what. This is crucial information, and anyone looking to sell their home needs to have this information at their fingertips.

Iain MacKenzie also said; “Now more than ever, consumers will want to work with a local expert who they trust and who can guide them safely through the process of selling and buying a property during these unusual times. Although the property market is open for business, ‘business’ doesn’t look the way it used to, and consumers will need an agent’s help to navigate the new normal.”

The level of demand and activity in the housing market when the industry re-opened, shouldn’t be a surprise. The following data, from Yomdel Property Sentiment Tracker makes for interesting reading:

  • New vendor enquiries rose by 67.13%
  • New buyer enquiries rose by 63.24%
  • New landlord enquiries rose by 41.9%
  • New tenants increased by 28.27%

It should also not be overlooked that many people will be keen to support local businesses as we move forward. A YouGov study indicates close to two-thirds of respondents are eager to utilise local professionals and services in their neighbourhood. Understandably, local estate agents are a natural choice for people keen to hire a local professional.

Currently, in line with Government guidelines, our Hitchin branch has reopened and is again staffed with sales and lettings personnel.  To clients old and new, if you have any queries or need advice on property sales and lettings then please call 01462 452951 or email