Baldock vendors: Is your home right for downsizing buyers?

29th January 2020 posted in SELLERS

If you are selling your home, it is helpful to know what buyers are looking for, and how you can make your home more appealing to them. It is inevitable most vendors will think of buyers like themselves (or like them when they bought the property) when they picture the purchaser who is likely to buy their home, but this may not be the case.

There is a growing number of people looking to downsize their home, and it may be your property is perfect for these buyers. If your home is suitable for first-time buyers, it may also be ideal for people looking to move into a smaller or more manageable property than they currently have.

It may be helpful to consider the reasons homeowners downsize and then think about whether your home is ideally placed for these buyers.


Many homeowners think their current property is too large

Downsizing is commonly associated with people in their golden years, perhaps a couple living in their family home. After their family has grown up and ventured off into the world, a family home may be too big for them. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for them to sell up and move into a more manageable property.

A home which is ideal for a young professional or a couple is also likely to appeal to downsizing buyers. Fewer rooms and a great location makes your home very appealing.


Many homeowners want to reduce their day to day living costs or energy usage

A big home doesn’t just take a lot of time and effort to clean and maintain, it also takes a lot of money to run. A common reason cited when downsizing is reducing energy bills, and the general upkeep of a property.

A compact energy-efficient home will appeal to people who plan on downsizing as a way of lowering their energy bills. All vendors must have an EPC when selling their home, and if your home has a good energy-rating, it will attract the attention of buyers. This will help you stand out in a competitive field, which is always a benefit when selling your home.

Don’t forget a growing number of people make decisions based on the environmental impact. Buyers of this nature will find switching from a large home to a smaller home to be very appealing, and it can help you connect with likely buyers.

It may also be that potential buyers are looking for a simpler life, or they want a home which is better suited to them after a change in personal circumstances. These are all valid reasons as to why someone who you may not consider to be a suitable buyer for your home is the ideal buyer.

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