Baldock Vendors: Get ready for the New Year surge

10th December 2019 posted in SELLERS

The festive season can be an extremely busy time of year for many people, and you may not have time to focus on much else. However, if you plan on selling your home next year, it may be worth your time to start the process in the next few weeks.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in buyers searching for homes in the period between Christmas and New Year. The phenomenon has been dubbed the Boxing Day Bounce, and some online agents say Boxing Day is the busiest day of the year for their website. Rightmove has said they witnessed a 228% increase in page views in the week between Christmas and New Year.

Not all these viewers may be buyers with genuine intent. There will be people trying their new smartphones and tablets, and there will be people daydreaming after experiencing another tight squeeze around the table on Christmas Day.


"New Year, New You" means change for many people

However, there is a lot of people genuinely looking for a property, gearing up for the New Year surge. We all know the New Year is a time when people make changes in their life, and they look to turn over a new leaf. For some people, moving into a new home is the epitome of change, and it is perfectly natural for people to look for property at the start of the New Year.

If you plan on selling your home, you want to be in front of buyers. With so many potential buyers looking for a new home in the week between Christmas and New Year, it stands to reason you can benefit from having a presence online at this time.

If vendors don't enter the market, there is less competiton for you

There will be many vendors who are unwilling or unable to place their home on the market at this time of year. Christmas is often a busy and challenging time for most, however, as there are vendors not entering the market, this means there is less competition.

If you plan on selling your home, wouldn’t you rather be active when buyers are looking for a property, and other homeowners who are looking to sell in the near future, are not? It stands to reason this will enhance your chances of selling your home, so consider if now is the right time to place your home on to the property market.


If you plan on selling your home in Baldock, we are pleased to say we are here to assist you. We have helped many local vendors connect with buyers, facilitating a sale. If you would like to arrange a valuation, we can do this, and we are on hand to provide any support you need.

The Boxing Day Bounce and the New Year Surge is coming, and if you want to be involved with the market, contact Country Properties Baldock, and we’ll be happy to help.

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