Baldock Cosy Home Improvements That Help Homeowners

6th October 2021 posted in BUYERS

With Autumn upon us, this is the time of year to ensure your home is warm and comfortable. At Country Properties, we want homeowners to enjoy their home, but we also want to ensure they make the most of their home in a way that helps them sell their home.

There are steps you can take to safeguard your home for this Autumn and Winter that will also ensure your home is at its best for many years to come. These are changes that not only please you, they help you connect with prospective buyers.

Improving your EPC can boost property value

Property Energy Professionals Association (PEPA) has spoken about the importance of Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings on property prices. The organisation has examined research carried out by Nationwide and said that properties holding an A or B rating carry a value that is around 5.2% greater than properties with an F or G rating.

With PEPE stating the average value of property stands at £280,000; this could see an additional £14,500 added to the house price.

Andrew Parkin, PEPA Chairman, says: “With property and energy prices continuing to rise and with increased global focus on energy efficiency and carbon emission reductions, the value of improving energy efficiency in properties is only likely to increase. It makes sense for homeowners to invest in an EPC now to find out what opportunities there may be to enhance the value of their property and reduce energy bills without waiting for the time when they may wish to sell.”

Andrew Harvey, senior economist at Nationwide, said: “Decarbonising and adapting the UK’s housing stock is critical if the UK is to meet its 2050 emissions targets, especially given that the housing stock accounts for around 15% of the UK’s total carbon emissions. With this in mind, we used our house price data to explore the extent to which owner occupiers pay a premium or discount for a home due to its energy performance rating. To do this, we included energy efficiency ratings from [EPCs] alongside the usual property characteristics data we use in our House Price Index.”

Preparing your radiators for autumn and winter pays off in short and long-term

Protecting radiators is important as keeping them more efficient will help lower your bills. Modern radiators can be up to 50% more economical than those that are 20 years old, so it is essential that if they are older, more upkeep should be done to keep them working well.

Andrew Collinge is the heating product manager at BestHeating and he has provided the following tips for maintaining the radiators in your property:

•                     Turn your heating on every few weeks

•                     Switch the valves up

•                     Bleed your radiators

•                     Check for sludge

•                     Add corrosion inhibitor

BestHeating’s Andrew Collinge commented: “Having a good understanding of your heating system will allow you to stay on top of many home maintenance tasks that are vital in preventing issues and money problems further down the line. If problems persist it may be better to replace your radiator which can be done by turning off the valves, bleeding it then taking it off the wall before putting in a new stylish one in time for the colder weather. If you don’t feel competent or confident in your skills it is best to contact a qualified professional who will prevent any further problems for you ahead of the winter months.”

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