5 property maintenance tips for your home this winter

22nd November 2019 posted in PROPERTY NEWS SELLERS TENANTS

While there is a lot to enjoy about winter, the season poses several challenges for your home. Whether you are a homeowner or a landlord, it is essential to look after your property at this time of year. At Country Properties Hitchin we have helped many homeowners and landlords with our leading property maintenance tips for your home in winter.

  1. Check your pipes, plumbing and guttering
  2. Examine insulation, making repairs or improvements where necessary
  3. Maintain heating around the home
  4. Check for dampness and moisture around the house
  5. Inspect your boiler

If you focus on these five tips, you’ll find maintaining your home in winter becomes simpler


Check your pipes, plumbing and guttering

If your pipes, drains and gutters are blocked, you increase the chances of water entering your property. Not many people enjoy the thought of clearing a blocked drain but failing to do so could lead to problems. Therefore, it is vital the work is done.

Examine insulation, making repairs or improvements where necessary

Improving the insulation around your home is important if you want to minimise cold and dampness during winter. By improving your insulation, you make your home more energy efficient. Your loft, cavity walls and floor all benefit from improved insulation, so review these areas. Don’t forget to check your door and window frames for any cracks or gaps. Filling these problematic areas helps to improve the insulation around your home.


Maintain heating around the home

To minimise the likelihood of problems arising in your pipes, make sure you maintain a low level of heating in your home during the colder periods. Doing so reduces the chances of your pipes freezing and bursting, and it helps to maintain the condition of your property.

Check for dampness and moisture around the home

Humidity is a considerable problem for homeowners, and it is an issue which is more problematic in winter. You should be on the lookout for a musty smell, mould and water stains on your ceiling or walls of your home. Improving the standard of ventilation at your home reduces the likelihood of dampness occurring, bringing short and long-term benefits for your home.


Inspect your boiler

If your boiler stops working in winter, life can be miserable. Therefore, it is necessary to be proactive in caring for your boiler, and it is best to call out a qualified professional to review your boiler. If your boiler is in good working order, you can be confident about the condition of your heating system. If a problem arises, you have a chance to resolve the issue before it becomes too problematic.

These are just five of the ways you can prepare your home for winter, but following them will hopefully help you to enjoy the season. If you need support managing your property, contact Country Properties Hitchin, and we’ll do our best to assist you.

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