The Country Properties Guide to Selling

Welcome to our 8 step video series in which we help you sell your home. We will guide you through every step of the property sales process, from booking agents out, valuing your property to expert marketing advice, this series will help you all the way to completing your sale.


Episode 1: Welcome to our video series

We have put together a videos series to help break down the selling process and answer the most important questions you may have throughout that time. 

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Episode 2: Getting a Valuation

This is a crucial part of the process and one where you decide on which estate agent you to choose and trust to sell your property. 

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Episode 3: Presenting your property

We will provide some simple but helpful tips to get the most productive viewings as possible.

The two main things to consider are:

  1. Is my property presentable?
  2. Could a buyer imagine living here?
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Episode 4: Instructing a Solicitor

In this episode we will be trying to help you find an experienced and knowledgeable solicitor to join your property selling team.

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Episode 5: Marketing your property

You have you valuation and your agent, you are happy of the presentation of your property and your solicitor has all the paperwork in place for the sale – you’re now ready for market!

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Episode 6: Viewings

It’s important to get a viewing strategy that you and your agent agree. Speak to them about the best times of the week to conduct them and also discuss the prospect of an open day for your property.

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Episode 7: Accepting offers

We are now at the stage of receiving offers so this weeks episode will be based on the process of accepting offers on your property and which is the best one to go with.

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Episode 8: The best time to sell

If your property is well presented and reasonably priced, truth is it is likely to sell at any month in the year. However, there are buying trends and a few things to take into consideration.

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