Buyers alert in Welwyn

Mr H [ID:3526450] - £700000

Works in London so would like to be close to the station.


Ms HP is looking for a project

Up to £500 000


Ms WW would like house, preferable a bungalow, with a garden

up to £400 000


A property developer wants a house to refurbish or extend

She has the finances - do you have a suitable property?


Mr and Mrs B are looking in the Welwyn and Knebworth area

Up to £425 000. They need to commute by train. 


Mrs SC is a cash buyer


Mr MC is not in a chain

He is looking for a pernthouse property of a property with a "Wow" factor


Mrs KG is looking to downsize

She would like a 3 bedroom detached house in Welwyn


Mrs C has nothing to sell

She is looking for a property in a good location.


Mrs BC would like to live in Mimram Place


Mrs PC wants to renovate a property