Buyers alert in Kimpton

Mr and Mrs M - £1000000

Sold through Country Properties and looking for a large detached family home with some land, villages around the Kimpton area (Ref 3702537)


Mr & Mrs S - £1000000

are looking for a large detached house, they have a mini grand piano so need a room large enough to accommodate that, they need a home not too close to any neighbors so she can play until her heart's content (Ref 2678265)


Mr & Mrs C - £1000000

Are looking for a quiet location, Mr is a solicitor and Mrs is an artist, both work from home ref (4547189)


Mr & Mrs M - £1100000

have sold their own property, they have a daughter at school in St Albans and a son at collage in Welwyn Garden City, they are looking for a detached property in a rural location (Ref 4306499)


Mr & Mrs M - £250000

Are looking for a village location they work from home so need office space ref (3424856)


Mr & Mrs M - £750000

Need a 4/5 bedroom house happy to do work on the property need to be close to Hertford or Ware. ref (4337728)


Mr & Mrs R - £950000

Are looking for a 4 bed detached house with off street parking also needs to be close to Harpenden for Thames link ref (4556299)