Ways to make your home christmassy without breaking the bank

It seems like every year people celebrate Christmas in increasingly elaborate ways. From huge light displays to recreating Christmas grottos in their front gardens how is the humble homeowner supposed to compete with that?

Truth be told you can’t but still that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy that festive feeling and decorate your own home does it? Sometimes less is more and you can still enjoy making your home more festive without needing to take out a loan to cover the costs!


Below I’ve outlined some fantastic festive tips that will allow anyone to spread some Christmas cheer around their home without needing to spend a lot. So, if you want to decorate your home this Christmas but are on a tighter budget these tips will help.


Candle Lights

Candles are cheap and festive which makes them perfect for decorating your home this Christmas! Candles can also be used in a variety of ways as well, adding some small candles to jars with a sprinkle of fake snow can make a great outdoor decoration.

You could even customise some basic candleholders with festive decorations to make a more colourful and Christmassy display piece. Or you could decorate some tall glasses and use them as more unusual glass candleholders. Just make sure the flame (if you do decide to light them) is free of any obstructions so there is no fire risk.


Christmas Pillows

Cushions are amazing decorative pieces and can be used all about your home! When Christmas comes around which for most shops is around late October you’ll see plenty of Christmas themed cushion cases which will make great decorative pieces. If you’re handy with a sewing machine you could even make your own!


Mantelpiece Decorations

Any mantelpiece should be decorated come Christmas time and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to do it! Holly and candles make great decorative pieces but you could even use some leftover Christmas decorations if you like. Use some tinsel and wrap it around the front of your mantelpiece and you could even add some Christmas lights as well.


A Christmas Wreath

You don’t need to spread Christmas lights all around your home to celebrate the Christmas season! You can achieve a great outdoor festive decoration with some minimal touches as well and one of the best ways to do this is with a classic Christmas wreath.

Whether you opt for an artificial or real wreathe the effects will be the same! Decorated wreaths can be expensive but you can buy a plain one quite cheaply or even make your own artificial one if you have the right materials. Once you’ve got the wreathe you can save money by decorating it yourself with some classic Christmas decorations like candy canes and small baubles.


Windows Lights

We’ve all seen those homes that have amazing light displays during Christmas haven’t we? But you can achieve similar results just by using some simple fairy lights. Now the effects won’t be quite as stunning (we are on a budget after all) but they will still look nice and festive.

Use some tape to display the lights around your windows and ensure they are secure and you’ll have a nice if minimal Christmas display. It will look beautiful from the outside and while it might only be small it will certainly bring some festive cheer to your home.


Wrapping Pictures

This is one of the more unusual ways to decorate your home but it’s a big hit! Trust me around social media at Christmas you’ll see plenty of people wrapping their picture frames to make them look like ready to open Christmas presents.

All you need to do is wrap up any photographs you have (the bigger the better) with wrapping paper and leave a little gap at the back so the “presents” can be hung up on the wall again. Then add some bows and ribbon to presents and you’ll have a fun, quirky and most importantly inexpensive way to decorate your home this Christmas.


Windows Streamers

If you have some spare Christmas baubles then they make great window decorations. Tie some colourful ribbon around the hoops in the baubles and then tie them to the top of your curtain railings. One or two together might not look like much but if you make a dozen or so it will make a great indoor decoration that will be sure to make your home look much more festive.


Paper Snowflakes

These make great Christmas decorations for almost any room and are especially useful for children’s bedrooms. Paper snowflakes are easy to make and you’ll find plenty of guides on the internet to get more intricate designs and best of all you only need some paper and a pair of scissors to make them!