Wild Public Spaces In LGC

16th August 2021 posted in SELLERS TENANTS

There has been considerable focus in local media on how Stevenage is changing appearance, but some places in Letchworth Garden City have a different look. Green space is vital these days, but some places are looking overgrown, and it turns out this is deliberate.

The local outlook is changing in appearance

A council spokesman explained; "Our maintenance teams are operating in the same way they have previously. There has been no reduction in the number of cuts scheduled for the year. The problem is, following the recent spate of very wet and then very warm weather, the growth rate is exceeding normal levels. Despite our best efforts, the grass, shrubs and hedges are growing extremely quickly and the teams are struggling to keep up. In other summers, the weather is generally pretty dry around this time and grass growth much slower, sometimes almost stopping in periods of extreme heat and drought. In a standard summer, the non-meadow grass would be shorter and the town would look much tidier."

The council spokesman continued by saying; "Where we have managed grassland in this way, we have seen greater numbers of pollinators and evidence of more birds and small mammals. Within the parks, large areas will continue to be cut regularly throughout the summer so there is plenty of space for football and picnics etc. Paths will be cut through the meadow grassland for people to enjoy their walks."

There are some wild spaces in Letchworth Garden City

North Herts District Council says it is allowing urban wild meadow areas to grow to provide food and shelter for wildlife, and to contribute to off-setting the council’s carbon emissions as part of its Climate Change Strategy.

The reasoning stated by North District Council for this situation is that enabling urban wild meadows offers food and shelter for wildlife, while off-setting the carbon emissions as part of the council’s Climate Change Strategy.

The affected areas in Letchworth Garden City are Letchworth Gate and Jackmans Central Playing Field.

The open ground at Letchworth Gate is a popular space off the A505, and we know many people have fond memories of times on the area. The Jackmans Central Playing Field is popular with people of all ages, and the space also has a BMX park. This is the sort of activity that continually welcomes a crowd, and it is great to see a local area provide a much-needed space for fun and exercise.

There are also areas in Baldock which have been chosen as wild open spaces, including:

•            Avenue Park

•            Clothall Common

•            Baldock Road Recreation Ground

You will also see Cadwell Lane Playing Field and Butts Close in Hitchin have a new look of late.

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