What Should Landlords Offer In 2021?

9th February 2021 posted in LANDLORDS

Given the circumstances we all currently face, and what is likely to be the case going forward, it is fair to say the letting industry has changed dramatically in the past year.

The fundamentals of the industry might be the same, but when it comes to what tenants are looking for, and how landlords can satisfy tenants, there are new things to consider.

At Country Properties, we have a strong presence in Hitchin, and we are part of a national network. This helps us know what tenants are looking for, and what landlords can offer to help tenants.

We also stay in touch with the latest studies and research. This ensures we provide you with up-to-date tips and relevant news. If you are wondering what landlords should offer in 2021, we are here to help you out.

If you are a landlord in or around Hitchin, and you require assistance connecting with tenants, or providing the best standard of service, get in touch with us.

Longer leases could be of benefit to landlords and tenants

Paul Oxfley, managing director of Decorus for Sage said; “With the economic uncertainty the pandemic has created, there is growing demand for longer leases, with the average lease length sitting at 22 months. Landlords need to be flexible, allowing tenants to extend their leases or take out take out longer ones.”

If you can be flexible with respect to length of tenancy, it might help you find the best tenant for your needs.

Not every landlord will appreciate the thought of longer leases, and if you need to discuss this option, we are happy to help. There will always be people looking for short-term rental solutions, but in the current climate, any degree of certainty is helpful, and this will be the case for some tenants.

Energy costs matter for tenants

Energy bills will rise with people working from home, so landlords who can improve the insulation of their rental property will welcome higher demand. Energy efficiency is always important for landlords, but with remote working, it becomes even more crucial.

Broadband packages matter

Remote working requires speed and reliability. If you can offer, and prove, your rental property is set up for the challenges of remote working, it becomes a more attractive proposition.

Communication is vital right now

Oxley spoke about the importance of communicating with tenants, saying; “It’s not easy for landlords to simultaneously manage their properties, keep their tenants happy and safe, stay on top of their finances and ensure their legal and safety compliance alongside. Risks of income loss, property deterioration, missed deadlines, non-compliance and ultimately dissatisfied tenants seriously focuses efforts.”

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